Saturday, October 15, 2011

Arab Spring uprisings move to Europe, Australia, and Asia

Several days ago I posted about the "arab spring" uprisings in the United States under the guise of the "occupy movement" or "wall street revolt".  Now the arab spring has moved to Europe and Australia.  There are riots in Rome where the terrorists are torching cars and smashing windows.  Those protesting are socialists who are trying to bring the one world dictatorship of the antichrist.

Protests such as these were a long time coming to further the new wold order of antichrist that was anounced by president bush (Sr.) during the first Persian Gulf War.

Don't let the uprisings fool you.  They are funded and well organized by terrorist organizations that are trying to bring about a world government and are not "for the people" as they claim.

Follow the money and it leads to the terrorist organizations of the middle east that funded the arab spring uprisings and government overthrow in Africa and the middle east.  Currently war is about to erupt in Syria and will spread to the rest of the neighboring countries.  Likely Damascus will be destroyed soon as a result.

I've neglected posting about the alleged Iranian terrorist plot in Washington DC that would have resulted in a nuclear war.  I'll get that written and posted soon.

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