Friday, June 3, 2011

Kyron Horman cold case: Law enforcement confirms Kaine Horman and Desiree Young are liars

Today the sheriff has admitted the entire Kyron Horman investigation has been mishandled from the start and has now become a cold case.  They also confirm that Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman Young have been lying to the media (although Oregonlive still tries to cover up the lies and protect their puppet masters)

Sheriff Staton states that in the last six months they have been investigating SIXTY persons of interest.  Yet last fall, Desiree and Kaine both claimed law enforcement proved to them that Terri Horman was guilty of vanishing Kyron Horman.  Law enforcement has NEVER said Terri Horman was a person of interest.  In fact, they have stated she was NOT a person of interest yet Kaine and Desiree as well as their media sock puppets continue to point their fingers at Terri Horman:
Multnomah County Sheriff's detectives, FBI agents and up to four state justice department investigators have spent the past six months examining at least 60 persons of interest in the disappearance of Kyron from his school.
 Note that the Oregonian continues to point their finger at Terri Horman.  They just got done stating their were SIXTY persons of interest (and Terri Horman has NEVER been named a person of interest by law enforcement) yet they had to,  like all good and obedient "team players",  protect the agenda of their puppet masters Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman Young
At the one-year anniversary of Kyron's disappearance, Kyron's stepmother, Terri Moulton Horman, remains the focus of investigators. But they still don't know what happened to the child and have had to consider all options, including his being abducted, becoming a victim of human trafficking or being killed.
 Why is The Oregonian continuing to claim Terri Horman is the one and only "person of interest" when law enforcement said she was not a person of interest and they have been investigating SIXTY other persons of interest over the past six months???  Maxine Bernstein just stated law enforcement had been actively investigating sixty people yet then immediately states Terri Horman remained the focus of the investigation??? This is proof that The Oregonian and the rest of the media have been LYING for their puppet masters (Kaine Horman and Desiree Young) in spite of what law enforcement tells them directly!!!

Sheriff Staton admits that much of the technology forensics data was not protected.  He also states hard drives were seized.  This is nearly worthless unless they also subpoenaed the records of the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and email account records (gmail / hotmail / etc.)  If they had not done that, it is way too late.  (same article: )
During the investigation of the other potential persons of interest, the team realized that some evidence -- namely phone records and computer log-on information from Skyline School the day Kyron went missing -- were not kept by the school district as the sheriff's office didn't request the preservation of those records.
The sheriff said the inquiry will now "transition toward a more technical focus," starting July 1, such as examining all the cell-phone tower data and computer hard drives seized from search warrants.

Also July 1, the $196,034 county funding the district attorney's office received last year to support an extra deputy district attorney and investigator will dry up.

Apparently law enforcement does not learn very well.  They are scratching people off their lists because they pass a polygraph? (and since people cannot be forced to take a polygraph, how many took one and how many refused?)  are they not aware the Green River Killer passed a polygraph (and went on to kill several other women because law enforcement "cleared him" ?) and another possible Green River Killer suspect failed his polygraph even though he was innocent???
During the six months, the team divided up lists of dozens of other people of interest, interviewed them, checked accounts of where they were June 4, and in some cases, administered polygraph tests before scratching names off lists. 
.Read the post about polygraphs.  After what I read during my research, I will never take a polygraph test under any circumstances.  Obama's Nominee refuses polygraph; Green River Killer passes polygraph 

So now we have proof Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman Young have been lying to us through their media sock puppets.  They stated Terri Horman was the focus of the investigation and they had "overwhelming evidence" she was guilty and now the Sheriff is stating they botched the investigation and that there have been SIXTY persons of interest in the past six months.  Yet their sock puppet (media and otherwise) will continue to believe every lie out of Kaine  Horman and Desiree Horman Young's mouths.

As for the sheriff vehicle across the street from Terri Horman --- with a fruitcake like Desiree and her vigilantes,  If I were Terri, I would want the sheriff deputy their to protect me.  Those who think the vehicle is there to "keep an eye on Terri Horman" - it is more likely to protect Terri from Desiree and Desiree's mental instability.

What gets me is why Maxine Bernstein (writer of the Oregonian article quoted) does not see she has been lied to and has lied to her readers.  She continues to write Terri Horman is the focus of the investigation even though she had just written there were SIXTY other persons of interest just two paragraphs previously.   During the last six months Maxine wrote numerous articles on the Kyron Horman case and each one stated Terri Horman was the focus of the investigation and now we are told that same time frame law enforcement had been investigating SIXTY persons of interest..  Does Kaine Horman continue to have Maxine Bernstein under his narcissistic control?  or is she just that good of a "team player" ??? (See: The Oregonian Continues to gaslight Terri Horman )  Maxine needs to wake up and admit she has been lied to and played.

Maxine Bernstein:  It is time to stop being manipulated and controlled for your "exclusive" stories by the Kaine and Desiree show (which are full of lies) and get some journalistic integrity back (if you ever had it)


  1. But wait. They showed DY the "overwhelming evidence" that Terri did "it!" Will we ever hear more about that? And, isn't plotting MFH a criminal offense? Whatever happened to that?

  2. Good points. Keep up the good fight. I'm rooting for Terri. She's innocent. On the subject of a sheriff's dept. vehicle across the street from Terri's house, is it possible that a sheriff's dept. employee simply lives across the street?

  3. Likely the sheriff deputy lives there and has always parked his patrol car there. The sock puppets claim it is there to "keep an eye on Terri" With the stalking and terror campaign by Desiree Young, I'm quite sure it is more comfort for Terri and her family being that close. I was just playing off what the sock puppets wrote.


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