Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kyron Horman: Admission the investigation has grown cold?
The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office announced this afternoon that the investigation into the disappearance of Kyron Horman will take on a "more technical focus" as the case enters its second year.

Lt. Mary Lindstrand, spokeswoman for the sheriff's office, issued a news release saying that the agencies involved will "be concentrating on technology based forensics, data entry and review of information compiled, leads and specific tasks that have been identified for the investigation, along with continued case development."
Just now law enforcement is going to focus on technology forensics?  Unless they have already obtained the information by subpoena, this is a little too late.  Most companies only keep records for 6-12 months and starting the forensics part of the investigation on july 1, 2011 is twelve months too late.  Even if they did subpoena the information,  if there is an arrest, the defense will not be able to independently obtain information from the same sources and the information obtained will likely be thrown out as evidence by the court especially if they only obtained the records on one party and not others who are most likely the ones guilty of vanishing Kyron Horman.

One needs to ask why this had not been done MONTHS ago.  Back in july, Kaine said they had not searched his computer at that time so any technology evidence law enforcement could have obtained from his computer or email accounts they may or may not know about is gone or contaminated.  Even if you believe Terri is guilty, she could have used Kaine's computer so the forensics is gone / contaminated.  So when it was too cold to dive for Kyron dollars in the winter, exactly what was the investigators on the Kyron Horman case doing besides allegedly leaking information to the Kaine and Desiree show?  They obviously were  not concerned about tracking emails, web sites, phone pings, or anything else that even Kaine and Desiree's sock puppets claim is important.

This admittance that the technology forensics focus is going to START on july 1, 2011 leads one to ask if law enforcement actually showed Desiree Horman Young any of the emails as Desiree claims.  Desiree alleges law enforcement showed her emails allegedly by Terri Horman where Terri was blaming Kyron for her failed marriage and that they showed a hated Kyron and led Desiree to come to the conclusion Terri Horman killed Kyron .  SO: Desiree was going to murder Terri last june because Terri told her she loved Kyron and Desiree assumed that meant Terri killed him?  then Desiree goes on TV within a couple of weeks after that claiming Kyron is alive? and now she's back to saying he's dead because of a few emails she claims she was shown??? and now law enforcement is stating the focus on the technology forensics will start on july 1, 2011???   More twists than a B rated reality show.

So once again we have two conflicting stories in the Kyron Horman case (is anyoe surprised?)

1.  Law enforcement showed Desiree Horman Young emails by Terri Horman that stated she blamed Kyron for her marriage and hated Kyron  (and had never even looked at Kaine Horman's computer or any other devices that may have been important)

2.  Law enforcement is going to start focusing on the technology forensics part of the investigation on july 1, 2011

If the alleged emails exist and law enforcement showed them to Desiree Horman Young, why has Kaine Horman (who is in on every other part of the law enforcement briefings) not said much about them when he never misses any other opportunity to blame his wife Terri Horman in Kyron's vanishing?

This case gets stranger every time Kaine, Desiree, or their law enforcement sock puppets opens their mouths (at least as the media parrots them)

It's so strange to me with all of the twists and contradictions and Kaine and Desiree's sock puppets still believe every lie they are fed by them and yet call Terri Horman a liar when Terri has not even said a single word.  Makes me fearful to be an American.

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