Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kaine Horman recreates his own reality - hopes people forget the facts

Looks like Kaine Horman is now ramping up his lies and vicious attacks against Terri Horman again.  I was sure he would not let Desiree get all of the media attention coming up on the one year anniversary since Kyron Horman disappeared from Skyline School on june 4, 2010.

Yet another bizarre attack by Kaine Horman against his wife Terri Horman:
"Based on the behavior we've seen in Terri and her lack of interest in wanting to do anything related to this case, either coming forward with the one version of the truth of what happened that day, or even helping to search for him or spread the word for him. I look at those actions and I find it hard to believe that someone who didn't have something to do with the activities that day is not involved."
Has Kaine Horman forgotten about the restraining order he has against Terri Horman that prevents her from searching for Kyron (searching is something he has refused to do because he is afraid of getting lost) and is he that ignorant of the restraining order that prevents Terri from getting near him?  If Terri had fund raisers "for Kyron", Kaine and his sock  puppets would have bad mouthed her for that.

Does Kaine Horman forget that both he and law enforcement, up until the failed murder for hire sting, stated Terri Horman was fully cooperating with the investigation? and now since the failed sting she is doing exactly what her attorney is telling her to do?  If it were not for the failed murder for hire sting and the subsequent kidnapping of Kiara by Kaine, it is likely Terri Horman would still be fully cooperating with law enforcement.  If Kaine Horman wants someone to blame for Terri no longer cooperating or helping "search" for Kyron, he can blame himself and the idiot in law enforcement that orchestrated the most stupid sting operation ever.

Why does Kaine Horman refuse to search for his son (claiming he was afraid of getting lost and claiming law enforcement would not let him) yet badmouth Terri Horman for not searching when he knows perfectly well she is prohibited to search by the restraining order he filed against her.

Quite sure his ignorant and deluded sock puppets will be eating this statement up and using it as "proof" that "Terri did it" (without ever defining what "it" is)

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