Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kyron Horman's ficticious seizures

All of a sudden people are believing Kaine Horman when he claims Terri Horman was concerned about Kyron because of SEIZURES.

This is NOT from Terri Horman, It is NOT from Skyline School, and it is NOT from law enforcement - it is from Kaine Horman - master manipulator and master liar.  So now why, all of a sudden, are people taking it as a fact that Terri Horman was concerned about Kyron because of SEIZURES???  - because Kaine Horman - master liar - is now saying so???  Why are those that never believed Kaine Horman's lies before all of a sudden believing him when HE claims Terri Horman was concerned about Kyron Horman because of SEIZURES???

WAKE UP PEOPLE - this is yet another one of Kaine Horman's LIES.  Kyron Horman's alleged seizures and that being the reason for Terri wanted to take him to the doctor are no more of a fact than anything else Kaine Horman has ever said. Terri Horman NEVER said anything about Kyron having seizures to ANYONE.  This explanation by Kaine Horman is to throw his sock puppets off from the REAL reason Terri Horman wanted to take Kyron to the doctor and why Kaine absolutely refused to let Kyron go see the doctor.  Once again, Kaine is trying to make Terri into the "bad guy" and make himself look to be the concerned parent he isn't.

Way back last summer Kaine had even denied Kiara was sick - now he is claiming she kept the whole family up for weeks?

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