Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kyron Horman: Conflicting stories from the Kaine and Desiree Show

Oh so subtly is Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman Young letting the REAL facts out about what happened to Kyron Horman by their conflicting statements.

First Kaine Horman is claiming Terri Horman wanted to take Kyron to a doctor's appointment to get him checked out for ADHD or seizures.  Kaine, the uncaring parent that he is, did not want Kyron examined by a doctor.  The only reason he would refuse to have his son examined is because he knew the doctor would find signs of sexual abuse.  It is likely that Terri did not have the authority / permission (being his step mother and not biological or adoptive mother) to take Kyron to a doctor unless she had, in writing, other indicators he had been abused.  This is a strong motive for Kaine Horman to have kidnapped Kyron - he did not want to have the sexual abuse discovered.

Kaine, by stating that Terri wanted to take Kyron to a doctor and by stating Terri took Kyron to the science fair is stating she was a good mother to Kyron.  Confirmation of this is when Terri ran into the gym employee, Andrea Leckey, at the Fred Meyer store and Terri showed her a picture of Kyron and said she had just come from her son's science fair project (referring to Kyron)  Trouble uploading video.  Will try and upload it later

Next is Desiree Horman Young - who blamed Terri for Kyron's disappearance from the first phone call when she found out Kyron was missing on june 4, 2010.

Now Desiree is saying she went ballistic and wanted to kill Terri when Terri told her she loved Kyron:
“I was sitting in the recliner in the living room and she leaned over the chair and said, 'I want you to know, I loved your son.’ And I flipped out. I told Tony, ‘You better get me out of this house or I'm going to kill her,” Young said.
Early on (june 2010) Desiree claimed that Kyron was going to be in Medford that weekend and detective Tony Young (Desiree's current husband) was going to take Kyron fishing with the fishing pole they gave him for christmass.  So if Terri was so angry and hateful to Kyron, why did she not plan to "get rid of him" on the way to Eugene, Oregon (the usual meeting spot) ?   Now Desiree comes up with this:
“She blamed Kyron for a lot of her and Kaine's marital problems. She blamed Kyron for a lot of stuff that was going on in the house. It was becoming very tense and it all came down to the weekend. It came down to that day and she was very angry,” Young said.
So Desiree admits, before the failed murder for hire sting operation, that she blamed Terri and wanted to kill her and she alleges Terri hated Kyron.  Yet Kaine is stating that Terri wanted to Take Kyron to a doctor because she was concerned for him and Andrea Leckey states that Terri showed her a picture of her son (Kyron) at his science fair project and was acting normal that day.  Now Desiree Young is stalking Terri Horman.  She has been blaming Terri from the start regardless of lack of evidence Terri had anything to do with Kyron's vanishing:
Young admits she drives through Roseburg to keep an eye on Terri Horman, and has even held candlelight vigils in front of the home.
It seems the doctor's appointment is key especially since Terri wanted to take Kyron to the doctor and Kaine refused.  Why is that ?

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