Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Is there a shadow investigation in the Kyron Horman case?

Another theory I touched on awhile back although now been giving it more thought than before.

The new theory is that the whole dog-and-pony show with Kaine Horman, Desiree Young, and Multnomah County Sheriff and all their bizarre actions is for public consumption and the real investigation is going on behind the scenes with a totally different suspect(s).  The finger pointing towards Terri Horman could be just a game to distract the public away from the real investigation that is being carried out by the FBI.

 The shadow investigation theory seems to be the only logical explanation if Kyron's vanishing is not a parental kidnapping (which I still believe it is - either by Kaine Horman or Desiree Young), a balloon boy episode / real life reality show, or a psychological test of some sort.   If there is no shadow investigation, then Multnomah County Sheriff's Department needs to totally replaced - from the top down - due to incompetence.  If tax dollars are paying a sheriff department that is so incompetent that they do not subpoena any and all evidence that may be relevant in a missing child case before the evidence is destroyed, then that sheriff's department needs to be held accountable to the tax payers of Multnomah County.  If there is not a shadow investigation, the Kyron Horman case needs to be turned over to an agency that will do a thorough investigation so Kyron Horman is either returned alive or his body recovered so that his family has closure..

How did Kaine Horman know two days after Kyron vanished that he had vanished before 9:30 AM if roll was not taken until class started at 10:00 AM? and why did Kaine Horman contact Intel's attorneys two days after Kyron vanished since it was still assumed he may have wandered away?  Kaine knows something and he knew it when Kyron vanished.  My hope is that there is a shadow investigation since it is hard for me to believe Multnomah County Sheriff's department is so filled with Barney Fifes that they are as incompetent as they appear.  It appears if there is a shadow investigation, then Kaine Horman is one of their main suspects and they may be feeding him disinformation in order to observe his actions.  If there is no shadow investigation and the Multnomah County Sheriff's Department is that incompetent, then Kaine Horman (who just happens to know Kyron's case will take years to resolve) has gotten away with a parental kidnapping right under the noses of the sheriff's department.

To summarize:

two days after Kyron vanished:
  • Kaine Horman knew Kyron Horman vanished before 9:30 AM even though roll was not taken until 10:00 AM
  • Kaine Horman contacted Intel's attorneys (Intel is his employer) -- odd behavior since Kyron was still assumed to have been lost.  Just what does he need to contact his employer's attorneys for especially that early in the investigation?
  • Kaine Horman knows Kyron's case will take years to resolve   (what happened to the "arrest of Terri is imminent"?)
This shows Kaine Horman knows what happened to Kyron Horman

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