Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What position will president Obama offer to (Washington State) governor Christine Gregoire?

Before the last governor / presidential election, there had been rumors that Washington State governor Christine Gregoire may not run for re-election or may resign as governor in order to take a spot in the Obama administration.  It did not happen during the last election although it may now.

Governor Gregoire has, thankfully,  announced that she will not run for a third term as Washington State governor. She is heading to Washington DC later today for a one day visit.  The question is:  Will president Obama offer her a position?  and, if so, what position will she be offered?    Heaven help the United States if she is going to be the vice president candidate.

Although I am very happy that Washington State is to be rid of one of the most horrendous governors in the history of the state, I fear what damage she will be to the country. As governor, Gregoire never met a tax she did not like, went behind her constituents backs and backed legislation that went against the will of the people.  Even though the state is in a four billion dollar budget deficit, she decided to spend four billion dollars on the deep bore viaduct replacement tunnel even though the people voted against it twice.  She also signed a budget that contained an illegal food tax (which was overturned by voter initiative a few months later)

Later today of Wednesday we should know what position Obama has in mind for Gregoire.  Hopefully she will not do as much damage to the country as she did to the State of Washington.

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