Sunday, June 5, 2011

Was there a romantic connection between Kaine Horman and Kristina Porter (Kyron Horman's teacher) ?

One has to wonder about the roll Skyline School and Kyron Horman's teacher Kristina Porter has to do with Kyron's vanishing.  Also the confusion about a doctor's appointment that was / was not scheduled for Kyron.

Kaine Horman is now stating there was some talk between Terri and him about taking Kyron to the doctor because he allegedly was "spacey"   Terri was the one who wanted to take him to the doctor and Kaine refused in spite of his claims he cares about his children and has very good health insurance. I posted about this last august and as recently as a few days ago.  It is my view that Terri Horman suspected Kyron was being sexually abused.  Since she is not a biological parent, she would have to have Kaine approve the appointment or show some proof that Kyron was being abused.  One has to go back last june shortly after Kyron went missing where Kaine Horman said he was not aware of a doctor's appointment for Kyron.

Allegedly Terri Horman took papers from the doctor for Kyron's teacher to fill out / sign on june 3, 2010.  Kyron disappeared on june 4, 2010 and Kristia Porter was confused of where Kyron was and stated to students he was in the restroom and failed to mark him absent because she "thought he was at the doctor" (two conflicting stories and LE quickly covered them up) 

What if Kristina Porter and Kaine Horman were involved romantically?  If there were papers that Terri Horman wanted her to fill out, she would see what it was all about.  What if she notified Kaine Horman about the papers?  Kyron's classmate Tanner Pumala reported he saw Kyron with a "male chaperon".  It is reported there were no male chaperons that day.  Tanner likely only knew Kyron from school - what if Tanner saw Kyron with Kaine Horman or a friend of Kaine Hormans (Michael Cook?) ? and Kristina Porter is covering up the fact that Kaine or Kaine's friend took his son that day in order to protect him (or maybe even to protect herself?)

There are inconsistencies with what happened at Skyline School that day and none of those inconsistencies involve Terri Horman.  Kaine Horman did not want Desiree to regain custody of Kyron like she had been asking him for and he had the means and motive to have Kyron kidnapped.  terri Horman did not.

Go back and re-read all the old posts in this blog:  Kaine's time line, Terri's time line, parental kidnapping, and the articles where Desiree stated she wanted custody of Kyron and Kaine told her no.

Why did Kristina Porter tell Tanner that Kyron was probably in the restroom or getting a drink?  Does she usually allow second graders to go to the restroom or get a drink without asking permission?

Interview with Tanner Pumala:

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