Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why hasn't Kaine Horman or Desiree Horman - Young ever search for Kyron?

 One of the many odd things in the Kyron Horman case is that neither birth parent has ever searched for their son (except the one day a few months ago Desiree made a show of searching in order to claim she searched)  In contrast, all other birth parents of missing children (unless they were guilty) would do anything at all to search for their missing child.  The inconsistencies and contradictions in the Kyron Horman case is what attracts many into following this case.  Contrast to this, the thing that keeps the search for Sky Metalwala in the focus of many is the never ending searches and interviews by his dad who is constantly looking for his son.

Searchers for sky Metalwala state they would do anything to search for their child if their child were missing - so the question is:  Why hasn't Kaine Horman or Desiree Horman - Young EVER search for Kyron (not including the few minutes Desiree spent for the cameras) ?  Yet they spend time raising money for searches that NEVER happen.  Solomon Metalwala (Sky Metalwala's dad) has spent more on fliers in searching for Sky than Kaine and Desiree has spent on the entire search for Kyron - and Solomon Metalwala is leading the search and, so far, has not held even one fund raiser.  Even though he believes his wife took Sky (in this case, I believe he may be right), he doesn't go on the cameras and bad mouth his wife.  The times he gives interviews is to ask for Sky's return and ask for help to find him - something neither Kaine nor Desiree has done in spite of the numerous nationwide (as well as local) interviews.

Even though Sky Metalwala went missing from Bellevue, WA (near Seattle), there has been more searches for him in Oregon (as well as numerous and  repeated searches in Washington) than there has been for Kyron Horman.  Even though Solomon Metalwala believes his wife has Sky hidden, he has never given up the search for him - yet neither Kaine nor Desiree has ever searched for Kyron.  More fliers for Sky Metalwala have been posted in Gresham OREGON than for Kyron Horman - even though Gresham is about 30 miles from where Kyron vanished and 145 miles from where Sky Metalwala went missing.

Several of Kaine's friends and acquaintances (and at least one of his family members) believes Kaine has something to do with Kyron's disappearance.  One person thinks Kaine has Kyron hidden and that the Seattle area should be searched for Kyron or at least for evidence of where he is.

Volunteers launch dual-state search for Sky Metalwala

LACEY, Wash. - Each passing day makes Solomon Metalwala more anxious.

“It’s a very sad thing," said Metalwala.

Metalwala's two-year-old son, Sky, was reported missing on November 6. Members of the group Search and Seek have paid close attention to news story about the toddler's disappearance.

“He was in his car seat. His mom ran out of gas. She left him in the car, and went to go get gas. She came back. He was gone,” said Sharon Mitchell, a Search and Seek volunteer.

"I don’t think the story adds up. There are definitely a lot of loopholes in it," said Jennifer Mau, the coordinator for Search and Seek. "We are here to find that one loophole and get him home.”

From Oregon to the Canadian border, Search and Seek volunteers plan to spend the next two days passing out flyers with information about Sky along the I-5 corridor.

"The holiday travel season is definitely a big reason for this," said volunteer Amy Walcott, who started passing out flyers Tuesday night.

At this time, when many people are focused on traveling to family, volunteers just want to bring one back together.

“If it was my kid out here I would want every single person out looking for her, so that’s why we do it," said Mau.

"Everybody just opened their hearts," said Metalwala. He added he's hopeful this holiday effort will help find Sky.

Flyers posted in Gresham for missing WA boy
GRESHAM, Ore. – Volunteers in Gresham are trying to help in the search for a missing Seattle boy by spreading the word about his disappearance and posting flyers.

Two-year-old Sky Metalwala has been reported him missing on Nov. 6.

The volunteers have mostly been focusing on freeway routes stretching from Seattle, south to Portland and Gresham and then on to the Canadian border.

"I do this because I'm a mom. And if it was my kids, I'd hope someone would do the same thing for me. I've done it for a couple other missing kids as well and it's kind of struck a place in my heart I can't get away from now," said Gresham volunteer Amy Walcott.

The boy’s mother told police that she left him alone in a car in Bellevue when she ran out of gas and had to go and get help.

She said when she returned to the car, he was gone.

Sky’s father said he believes his estranged wife knows what exactly what happened to the boy and has lied to police.

As for the flyers, the volunteers said they were trying to target the busy holiday travel season in their effort to spread the word about the missing boy.

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