Saturday, December 10, 2011

Someone else thinks Kyron Horman was 'rescued' and that this may be a family case, not a criminal case

Dr. Pickle and I were discussing this article today as well as some other theories.  Just what if the school rescued Kyron Horman and Terri didn't have anything to do with it?  It would explain why law enforcement never subpoenaed the school's phone and computer records and never thought about doing so until those records were destroyed.  I disagree with much in this article although it's another plausible theory that deserves to be discussed.
Request:  To the reader who may know about this case - please clarify any information you seem to have.  Everything will remain confidential.  You know who this is to. (and, no, not SoCalDreamer - she's a mentally unstable idiot)

 Kyron Horman -- Better Off Not Found?

Kyron Horman -- Not One Scrap of Evidence that Kyron was Harmed when he Disappeared ...

I have a strong suspicion that -- for now -- this cute little guy is probably better off left where he is.

It's also my opinion that Kyron Hormon's step mother -- Terri Moulton Horman -- probably had her own very real (and understandable) reasons when she tried to hire someone to kill Kyron's father (her then husband) before Kyron's disappeared. I also believe that she is the furthest thing in the world from a psychopath. I believe people should leave her in peace and consider that she may have also had a very good reason to arrange for Kyron to go into hiding.

Of more concern to me is the couple's baby girl and I believe that stringent investigations should be made into her fathers fitness for any form of custody.

Please understand me saying “She probably had her own very good reasons when she tried to hire someone to kill her husband,"  does not mean I condone murder. I am only suggesting that it appears likely to me that she was in a situation with very few options and this can sometimes lead otherwise gentle and sane people into making bad choices.

If Terri’s eldest boy was offered a chance to prosecute his step father under a media black out and with strict protection placed on his privacy - the other members of this family might be reunited once more and Kyron allowed to re assume his real identity. 

This might also save Kyron's dad any further possible attempts on his life ...  but there are no guarantees in jail.

Just my opinion and a few hints as to what I believe may be the real story behind this case.

Kim Cooper

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