Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sky Metalwala and Kyron Horman cases

Sky's father, Solomon Metalwala, has submitted to Bellevue Police department lie detector tests and has organized searches for his son and appeared on numerous media to appeal for his son's return.
NOTE:  If you have any information on the Sky Metalwala case, the email address for the Bellevue Police Department in this article in the link is wrong.  The correct email address is:

 So why has neither Kaine Horman or Desiree Young (Kyron Horman's birth parents) ever search for their son?  Even in Portland Oregon,Yashawnee Vaughn's friends and family searched for her body (they knew they were looking for a body) so Kaine and Desiree's refusal to search was never because they "were not allowed to search" as they claimed (nobody could have stopped them from searching on public property)  Why has none of Kaine's masonic brothers donated to the reward fund or help organize searches? Why did neither Kaine or Desiree ever ask whoever had Kyron to return him, especially since they both have stated (at least at times) that 'Kyron is still alive' and had many opportunities on local and national media to do so ?  I still believe Kaine took Kyron because Kyron was being sexually abused and Kaine did not want Terri to take him to the doctor where it would be discovered. He may have had help from his masonic "brothers" to take and hide him.  Likely the same sock puppets are the ones who bully people online and forced Oregon Live to shut down any comments mentioning Kyron Horman in their forums.

Back to Sky Metalwala: Nothing was said about Sky's mother and her borrowed car.  Likely since she borrowed a car, she did not own one.  It appears she was living on the edge and only had necessities: no cell phone, taking Sky to the hospital instead of a doctor (if he was severely ill, she would have called an ambulance or a friend to take her instead of arranging for borrowing brother's car - likely ER was so she would not have to pay)  My question:  If the car was not a long term loan from her brother, has other cars she may have borrowed from friends or relatives been searched for forensic evidence (including the use of cadaver dogs) ?  Any other vehicles she may have borrowed within the month before Sky went missing needs to be searched - not just the borrowed car from her brother.   I still think something happened to Sky accidentally when she left him alone (probably during the custody hearing) and she used the abandoned car idea from the Law & Order SVU episode that aired the week before Sky went missing as a cover up.  I hope I'm wrong and she hid him and he is safe somewhere waiting to be discovered and brought back home to his dad.

Once again:  Why did Kaine Horman and Desiree Young refuse to search for Kyron?   Neither Kaine or Desiree have ever acted like parents of a missing child.  The comparison between them and Solomon Metalwala is striking in their difference.  Solomon Metalwala is acting like a "typical" parent of a missing child - even though it is believed Sky's mother took him.  Neither Kaine or Desiree have ever acted like any other parent with a missing child.  I, as well as many others, want to know why.

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