Monday, December 5, 2011

More responses to comments on Kyron Horman

Most wanted their responses kept private.  Only one person has posted in support of Kaine Horman and they are obviously one of Kaine's deceived victims.

"joeblob" claims there is "an overwhelming support of Kaine" which is not true.  Most people do not support Kaine or believe Terri is guilty.  They do not post their views because they are harassed, stalked, bullied, and threatened so they keep their viewpoints private or share them privately.  Those who support Kaine have shown to be cyber bullies / thugs who harass and disrupt the message boards and the other commenters until those message boards are censored or shut down and the people who supported in defense of the facts leave.  None of Kaine's supporters dialogue and discuss facts; as soon as someone even hints Kaine may have vanished Kyron, they disrupt the board and no one else can dialogue or discuss any other viewpoint other than Terri being guilty (without any facts that shows she had ANYTHING to do with Kyron's disappearance)  There has not been a single one that has even tried having a civil discussion of facts.  This is because there are NO facts Terri did anything to Kyron and there are a lot of reasons to believe Kaine did.   I've posted about their harassment and bullying campaigns before.  I do not blame those who do not share their views publicly because I've dealt with their cyber bulling stalking and harassment since Kyron went missing.  They continue to harass and stalk  because I will not capitulate and go against what the known FACTS seem to prove:  Kaine vanished Kyron Horman to cover up sexual abuse.  None of my theories have been refuted and nothing I have posted has been denied.  Instead of denying anything, it just leads to bulling, stalking, and harassment of myself as well as those who they think is me (which is everyone who does not agree with what Kaine says)  Fortunately Dr. Pickle used his middle name and they have not found him yet.

For those who believe whatever Kaine and Desiree have said in the media:  I'm glad I'm not as gullible and foolish as you.  NOTHING they have said has been verified by law enforcement and they have repeatedly contradicted themselves.

joeblob, I do not doubt you have been very active on the forums that discuss the Kyron Horman case.  There are a few of you with many different user IDs that spend all of your time harassing and stalking others and disrupt their ability to discuss the facts in the case.  It is because of users like you that this blog exists - somewhere I can post my viewpoints and theories without your ability to get the comments censored or removed.   I feel very sorry for you and all of Kaine's sources of narcissistic supply:  You are pawns as well as victims in his little divorce game.  Even if you are not responsible in helping him hide Kyron after he took him (or caused him to be taken) from school, you are guilty on his gaslighting his wife.  I feel very sorry for you.

Kaine Horman has NEVER searched for Kyron and has NEVER given a single cent to Kyron's reward fund even after soliciting funds to do so and yet his sock puppets never even ask why.  They are blind and deceived followers who deserve pity.

For the other questions:

Kaine is a master manipulator and if he answered any questions about Kyron going missing, he could answer the questions to make law enforcement believe he had nothing to do with it while not saying it.  As a malignant narcissist, it is quite certain he could pass a polygraph even if he was guilty.  Many guilty people pass polygraphs and many innocent people fail.  In the Sky Metalwala case,  it has been in the media that Solomon Metalwala (Sky's dad) took two polygraphs and both were inconclusive.  Solomon Metalwala is acting like a father with a missing child and I do not believe he had anything to Sky's disappearance.  Solomon Metalwala was out today handing out fliers and searching for Sky today --- something Kaine has never done for Kyron.  he has also publicly asked whoever has Sky to return him - something Kaine has never done for Kyron.  Even if Solomon Metalwala had failed his polygraphs, it would not change my view on that case (I think something happened to Sky accidentally when he was left alone and Julia, his mom, used the Law & Order SVU idea about leaving him in an abandoned vehicle to cover it up) polygraphs are extremely inaccurate and you cannot trust the results (no matter what the results are)

Early on the media was pointing their fingers towards Terri.  The early media articles (within a week of Kyron vanishing) called it a criminal investigation and in the same article reassured parents that their kids at Skyline were not in danger.  This is a manipulation technique:  If it is a criminal investigation but no other parents had to worry their children were in danger, what conclusion do you think they were trying to make people believe?  The finger pointing / gaslighting of Terri started LONG before the failed murder for hire sting attempt.  They did not flat out state it but they made people come to that conclusion without stating it.  Another part of this manipulation was printing the fliers with the truck and Terri's picture on it as well as release unsubstantiated rumors Terri's cell phone pinged from Sauvie Island  at the time Kyron went missing.  They also manipulated the time frame after it was found out Terri was on videotape at two Fred Meyer stores (and at least one other location) as well as manipulate DeDe Spichter's time line when it did not fit the time Terri was allegedly unaccounted for.  I even stated in this blog they would manipulate DeDe's time line as soon as I saw the original did not match Terri's - sure enough, they changed it the next day.  I made an awful lot of "predictions" about what would happen before it did because I knew this was a gaslighting script and likely not a real missing child case from early on.  Yes, I may be wrong - but the evidence shows I'm not.  Too much predictability of what the media and law enforcement's next steps would be for it to be a real missing child case.  That's why early on I discussed a real life reality show or a balloon boy episode as possible theories.  My original theory is still the one I believe has the most facts and is most valid:  Kaine Horman disappeared Kyron because Terri was going to take him to the doctor and Kaine was afraid the doctor would discover signs of sexual abuse which he wanted to hide.  I do believe he had help - likely his masonic brothers (who are likely the ones stalking / harassing / bullying those who post in support of the facts and state they believe Kaine vanished Kyron)

As for Kaine being a narcissist, I've had personal experience as a "scapegoat".  From my studies, I've found that INTJs are favorite "scapegoats" of narcissists because we refuse to be a source for their constant need for narcissistic supply.  "Feelers" tend to be willing sources to provide the narcissist the narcissistic supply so they are the ones who the narcissist relies on to carry out their demands.  Mostly this is because of a co-dependent nature of "feelers" and the co-dependent / narcissists need each other.  The best thing to do if you are a victim of a narcissist is to cut ALL ties with them and get away from their abuse.  Terri is fortunate to be away from Kaine's abuse and I hope she gets healthy once she realizes the freedom of being away from him brings.  It is my guess that this is why Desiree had to go to Canada - she suffered from Kaine's narcissistic abuse / crazy making and she did not understand the dynamics of a narcissistic relationship and thought she was the one that was the source of the problems.  I've seen Kaine push Desiree's buttons and manipulate her in the media when they gave interviews.  I also believe any emails that were shown to Desiree (if any were) were provided for by Kaine.  I've also mentioned I thought Kaine had a keylogger on Terri's computer and was able to orchestrate his divorce plan long in advance.  Likely he manipulated Desiree all throughout her marriage to him.  I certainly hope Kiara's Guardian ad Litem recommends that Kiara be removed from Kaine for her own well being.  I fear for her physical as well as mental / emotional safety with Kaine.

For Kaine's sock puppets who harass and stalk others on his command:  Ask Kaine why he refuses to search (search, NOT fund raise) for Kyron and why he refuses to use some of the foundation money to increase the reward fund.  Ask him why he has never asked the alleged accomplices to return Kyron.  Also ask yourselves if Kaine is guilty of having molested Kyron why are you defending him?  You would be as bad as those who covered up the Penn State pedophiles.  Kaine has never once denied being involved with Kyron's disappearance.  He made a lot of people believe he denied it, but he never has.  You are blindly defending him based on the contradictory stories he and Desiree have given to the media.  You, by definition, are the ultimate sock puppets.

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