Monday, December 12, 2011

Kyron Horman, trojan spy drone captured by Iran?

Solomon Metalwala, Sky Metalwala's dad, is giving live interviews on local (Seattle) media and answering unrehearsed questions from the interviewers.  He is also searching for his son as well as handing out fliers containing information about his missing son and contact information.  A striking contrast where Kaine Horman said he was to scared of getting lost and refused to search and hand out fliers for Kyron Horman.  Solomon Metalwala acts like a parent with a missing son that is innocent.  Kaine Horman has never acted like an innocent person of a missing son.  It's a striking comparison in the difference between the two.

One of my contacts has said Kaine Horman has refused once again to increase the reward for Kyron Horman in spite of raising thousands of dollars through the Kyron Horman Foundation.  It would seem with his salary and all the money he is making off Kyron he would use at least a little to try and find his son.  Kaine bolsters the theory that this is no longer a criminal case but is a family or custody matter and someone rescued Kyron from being abused or, as I believe, Kaine took Kyron in order to prevent the abuse from being discovered.  Maybe Dr. Pickle is right and Desiree was the one who took Kyron although maybe it was a rescue operation and not a custody issue as first thought.  If the person I'm waiting for does not post information soon, I'll throw it out and see where it leads.  It will bolster the rescue operation theory completely.  Regardless,  I still believe Kaine was behind Kyron's vanishing as showin by the video I posted in the last week or so.  Something is wrong when a birth parent believes their missing child is still alive but does not ask whoever has ther child to return them.

LOTS and I mean LOTS of people are searching about the U.S. drone Iran captured, and reading my first post about it, using search terms such as (this is just a few) :
could captured drone be a trojan horse
drone trojan horse.
iran drone capture a trojan horse
drone iran trojan horse.
is the drone that iran captured a trojan horse.

Looks like many others throughout the world came up with the same theory as I did.  Interesting it was announced today obama asked Iran for the drone back.  Bolsters this theory more than contradicts it since some sort of request or action would be expected if it were not a trojan horse.

Because Iran believes they captured a drone worth lots to Russia and Chine, it is telling those two countries the cost of inspecting it will be nuclear and weapon technology.  Iran has also increased confidence and is now practicing closing the straight of Hormuz (most of the world's oil passes through that strait)  It is only a matter of time before someone starts shooting at another over Iran or Syria.

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