Thursday, December 1, 2011

INTJ thought process / entertaining conflicting theories

Many people have asked how I can be bringing up theories that conflict with my conclusions.  This is how INTJ's think:  We entertain different ideas as a way to test our conclusions.  We even consider "way out" theories (IE: my "tinfoil hat" theory ---I have met a real nephilim) as a matter to rule out the possibilities. 

Aristotle puts it best:

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

Just because I think about a different theory does not mean I accept it.  It's just a way of either finding the facts or strengthening my opinion.  No matter what theory I contemplate and consider in the Kyron Horman case, the conclusion I come up with is the same:  It was a parental abduction by one of the birth parents and most likely by Kaine Horman.  If there are facts that points me elsewhere, I'll go with the facts --- but so far, I have not found any.  If anyone has any facts I have not considered, feel free to post them (I'll keep them private if you request) but so far everything new I find out points to Kaine Horman being guilty of hiding Kyron (at the very least)

Because law enforcement has basically called off the investigation, I suspect that this has changed from a criminal case to a domestic issue and Kaine has told them to not report on it.  Law enforcement will do as the family wants as has been shown in numerous other cases.  One I discussed early on when I started this blog and alluded to in yesterday's (I believe it was yesterdays) post.

All of the theories I've considered.  Many are out there and I do not believe are very likely.  Just because I discuss a "tin foil hat" theory or CIA parent theory does not mean I find them to be very likely.  Of course if we were given any real information from law enforcement, I may change my theory entirely.  What we know, and what I have found out, I still stand by the theory that Kaine Horman is hiding Kyron (if he did not kill him or cause him to be killed)  Is Kyron in Germany?  or the Seychelles?  or even Saudi Arabia?   or with MM in Seattle?  (yes, MM, I have always known about you and your master manipulator games),  or is he home with Kaine hidden in the house in the woods in Portland?  I do not know.

With Dr. Pickle's help, I've been able to find out more information than I would have been able to find out on my own.   Not sure how much time before this world erupts into ww3 and want to thank him now publicly for all of his and his wife's help in helping to find out what happened to Kyron.

If anyone has any real information / facts that pokes holes in my theory, please send them to me.  If you can disprove my theory, I'll change it entirely (things either Kaine or Desiree said is propaganda, not facts)  I'll keep your posts private if requested.

For those who know Kaine:  Kaine has never refuted anything I've posted.  ask him directly if he has Kyron and who has custody of Kiara.  So far Kaine has manipulated his followers thought process to make them think he is innocent but he has never publicly said he did not kidnap Kyron or have anything to do with Kyron disappearing from school.  He never even searched for his son while raising money for searches that never happened.  .Any questions he was ever asked he had in advance and could script his answers or had a prepared statement.  It is time Kaine Horman publicly answered questions - in front of live media and unrehearsed / unscripted and no prepared statement.  By himself without Desiree (or anyone else) sitting there agreeing with everything he says.  Kaine refuses because he is afraid of getting tripped up and letting something slip.

We're waiting for some real answers, Kaine.  Don't you want people to believe you will do anything to bring Kyron back?  Time to use the KYRON Horman foundation money to increase the reward fund.  The reward of $50,000. with your salary is PATHETIC. It seems you don't really want him back.

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