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How many child molestors work at Intel? or Another one of SoCalDreamer's fairy tales

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Anonymous said...

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect that but clearly you did not follow the investigation closely and more clearly, you do not actually know these people. I can't say I know Kaine but I do work at the same place and have met him. Meeting someone doesn't clarify whether or not they are a child molester but you can certainly tell if someone is being genuine by looking into their eyes.

Above all that, I'm pretty sure the Portland Police department or the FBI would have found Kyron if he were with other family members or even friends of family. They sure as hell would not have placed the daughter with Kaine if they had reason to believe there was sexual abuse. Furthermore, do you really think such allegations would have been kept on the down low with the media frenzy that ensued upon our town? I highly doubt it.
    December 15, 2011 10:27 AM
 This person claims they can look into another person's eyes and tell whether or not if the person is  "genuine" or not.     In order to say they can tell if someone is a child molester ny looking into their eyes, they must have looked in the eyes of quite a few pedophiles.  Must have an awful lot of pedophiles at Intel for this person to say they can barely meet someone and say whether or not they are "genuine" or molests children.  Quite sure if this person had that "talent" the FBI and all law enforcement would want to hire her.  Would save a lot of time and money on criminal trials if this person could look someone in the eye and tell whether they are innocent or guilty or not.  Funny thing is, the times I spoke with Kaine I could tell he was a narcissist and deceiver (Dr.and Mrs.Pickle also came to the same conclusion)  Kaine's inaction of not asking anyone to return Kyron and his inaction of never searching for Kyron is more telling of his guilt than looking into his cold calculating narcissistic eyes. 

Also very telling this is one of Kaine's less intelligent co-workers (I doubt they've ever met Kaine --- this is one of Kaine's sock puppets - likely SoCalDreamer - a mentally challenged lunatic).  Neither law enforcement nor the FBI can tell the court who to award custody to.  None of that any information on child custody would be made public  since there is a gag order in place.  She also does not know that Kiara has a Guardian ad Litem and Terri has visitation (and possibly custody by now) although I'm quite sure Kaine is keeping that secret even from most of his friends - but not the one who is giving me verifiable information.   

When the Nicholas Francisco case went from a criminal investigation to a non-case, law enforcement never said a word and the media dropped all coverage even though it was a media frenzy in the Seattle area.  It was not until months later there was a media update and interview with Nicholas Francisco and it was made public that he ran away with his boyfriend without telling his wife, children, and coworkers.  Law enforcement let people search for a body for months even though they knew there was no body to search for.  Funny how all the case widows were blaming his wife for murdering him  (they always seem to blame the woman in the case - a bunch of bitchy old lady and creepy old men misogynists) even though she was home with her children when he disappeared.

Also the case with Sky Metalwala: Not much has been stated about where Sky is and, if the mother stashed him, where he is or where law enforcement believes he is.  The above commenter's "theory" is shot full of holes.

For various reasons, I suspect the person who wrote the above lunacy comment on the other blog is Kaine's top sock puppet SoCalDreamer from Kansas City Kansas.

Once again you have one of Kaine's sock puppet defenders trying to claim they can tell he is honest and "genuine" by looking into his eyes.  Typical abuse victim of a narcissist who ignores the lies and the suspicious activities of their puppet master and believe everything the narcissist tells them.

With a defender like this one, I'm quite sure I'm right about Kaine and he was molesting Kyron.  Whether he took Kyron as a preventive measure to keep him away from the doctor or whether someone rescued him to stop the abuse (I believe the former although I do not discount the latter - I was going to post more about it although wanted to comment on Kaine's sock puppet who claims she works for Intel (I seriously doubt it - definitely low intelligence for an Intel employee plus posting Portland Police when it is the Multnomah County Sheriff as any local would know and would not get the two confused --- You blew this one SoCal-Idiot)

As much attention SoCalDreamer is paying attention to this case and defending Kaine and defaming Terri even though Kaine has consistently lied and Terri's time line does not fit - and how the lunatic tried to harass and bully others from the start into believing Terri was guilty I sure hope law enforcement has investigated her and see if she is the one who has Kyron stashed for Kaine.    She needs to have someone smarter than her proof read her posts before she tries to make the claims she does because it's always obvious when she posts one of her brainless blunder posts.

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  1. Go to and type in Intels info; 3585 SW 198th Ave, Beaverton
    and you get some very interesting results.
    Put in Skyline School and you get some interesting hits as well.


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