Tuesday, December 6, 2011

More questions / answers in the Kyron Horman case

Again, the commenter requested that their posts remained private because they feared retaliation by Kaine Horman or one of his sock puppets if their identities were known.

1.  Besides being responsible for Kyron's disappearance, Kaine Horman and his minions are directly responsible for a couple of things they are blaming Terri Horman for.   First Terri would likely have never hired an attorney and would have continued answering questions and taken polygraphs if it were not for the failed murder for hire sting attempt. Law enforcement and both Kaine Horman and Desiree Young (Kyron's birth "parents") stated Terri was cooperating and answering questions.  Even if she walked out on a second polygraph (or told she was in not state to be taking one --- tired or stressed, etc. - we do not even know if this is true or not) she went back for the third (at least according to Kaine and Desiree)   She was even answering questions on the day of the failed sting attempt.  So it was Kaine and law enforcement's actions that directly led to Terri Horman hiring an attorney and no longer answering questions WITHOUT HER ATTORNEY PRESENT.  There is absolutely no indication that either Terri or her attorneys have refused to answer any and all questions as the master manipulators Kaine and Desiree make people believe.

The other thing Terri is being blamed for by Kaine's minions is "Terri is hiding at her parents home in Roseburg"  What they fail to comprehend, as simple as it is, is that Terri would have continued to live in the house in Portland and would have been readily available to answer questions (with her attorney present) if Kaine had not forced her out of the house he never put her name on the title.  A home they bought together after living together for five years and purchased about the same time they were married (which was about three years - until Kyron vanished)  Kaine even kept the Mustang car he GAVE HER as a present because it was in HIS NAME.

So the fact that Terri has an attorney and the fact that she is living in Roseburg with her parents is because of Kaine.  Sock puppets of a narcissist blaming something on the scapegoat for what the narcissist did is extremely common in the narcissist - co-dependent - scapegoat cycle.  So it is not surprising Kaine's sock puppets are blaming and ridiculing Terri for what actions Kaine caused by his master manipulator narcissistic ways.  Another example is Kaine and his minions blaming Terri for doing something to Kyron that was done by Kaine.

2.  To protect my sources.  If something happens to me, they will be able to access my account and remove posts that they supplied the information for (which could be tracked back to them)  They fear harassment / stalking / bullying / threats by Kaine and his minions - they've seen what Kaine's minions have done to me as well as to others and there is no sense subjecting them to the same narcissistic rage that myself and others have been exposed to.   When the rapture happens, these sources will not be here and will no longer need to be protected so everything will be posted at that time (thanks to being able to future date posts)

3.  I think last week's Law & Order SVU episode ('Lost Traveler') the idea behind it (missing from school) came from the Kyron Horman case although I do not believe anything else is behind it.  The murderer was not who everyone believed it was may make you think of how Terri is being blamed although that's pretty much standard of how L & E episodes are written.  They make you think outside of the box and that's why I like them.  It is interesting I have at least one reader in the U.S. that use a Romanian proxy server to view this blog.  Maybe they are trying to make me believe there is a connection to that L & E episode?  Don't know.

4.  I cannot pinpoint countries of viewers of this blog relating to Kyron Horman since I cover so many other topics that attract a great interest.  There are readers from just about every country (even NORTH Korea - which means government) and six of the continents (haven't seen Antarctica yet)  Besides the Kyron Horman case, there is a big attraction to the articles I wrote on the Three Gorges Dam as well as anything about the upcoming Middle East war and the arab spring uprising and how I said last january they would spread to the U.S. as well as the rest of the world (they have been called "occupy movements" outside of the Middle East).  The article on the giants / nephilim is also very popular and, surprisingly, is the tinfoil hat theory about Kyron (which evolved from my thinking and writing about the giants / nephilim which came from a program I watched)   The only big surprises is how many people read this blog,   how much interest there is in the Three Gorges Dam articles, and how many readers from outside of the U.S. are following the Kyron Horman case (all over, not any one particular country)

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