Saturday, December 3, 2011

Interesting comments / more thoughts on the Kyron Horman case

I've had several responses to my comments on the Kyron Horman case.  All of them requested their posts kept private so not to be identifiable.

One comment in particular was interesting.  They claim to know the Hormans and say my previous comments were likely more what the truth is than not.  They also believe that Kyron was taken by Kaine and that law enforcement has backed out after realizing this is a family case.

There has been absolutely no comments defending Kaine Horman.  In fact, most who claim to know Kaine do not want it knows they think he is behind Kyron's disappearance because they do not want to suffer his narcissistic wrath.  Recently there has not been a single comment by anyone who believes Terri is guilty of disappearing Kyron.  This is totally opposite of when I started this blog.  Either Kaine's supporters are wondering about his involvement or they are no longer convinced of Terri's guilt.

Dr. Pickle and I were discussing the case today.  He believes Desiree took Kyron while I believe Kaine did.  Although now I have been thinking 'what if Desiree did a rescue mission because of Terri's emails to her that she suspected Kaine of sexually abusing Kyron' ? (Dr. Pickle believes Desiree took him to regain custody and not to rescue him although he does not rule this out either)   I doubted her involvement because of her detective huband but if it were a rescue orchestrated by law enforcement, that would make sense EXCEPT why would they allow Terri to be scapegoated for as long as she has been? (unless, of course, Terri knew about it or came to know about it after the fact)  This would explain why law enforcement has been such tight lipped about this case.  Or maybe detective Tony Young orchestrated it through law enforcement and kept Desiree out of the loop until after polygraphs / etc.?  That could explain why Desiree's vigilantes have not been vocal about stalking and harassing Terri lately (although that could be because Medford police, where detective Tony works, called off the vigilante campaign against Terri as a conflict of interest)

There was another interesting comment by someone who claims to have worked with Kaine at Intel who says Kaine refused to allow the reward for finding Kyron to be increased.  This person said Kaine refused to give any reason for denying an increase.  Does anyone know anything about why the reward fund has never been increased even though Desiree demanded it increase to $350,000.?

My belief is this is not a criminal case and has not been even during the time Multnomah County Sheriff was using Kyron to get funding and while paying his officers and detectives overtime to find Kyron.  This investigation has never been operated like a "normal" missing child case.  I have stated this from the start and, while not one to follow many cases, I've watched several of the early investigations of missing children after Kyron went missing to compare them with the investigation on Kyron.  Not a single one of them compares to this one in the oddness of the investigation or the oddness of how everyone involved in it has acted (including law enforcement / birth parents / step parents / school / media / etc.)

Today Solomon Metalwala (Sky Metawala's dad) is handing out fliers and looking for his son.  Likely today Kaine Horman was fund raising and lapping up sympathy instead of doing anything to find his son.  Solomon Metalwala acts like a dad with a missing child;  Kaine Horman never has. 

Anyone with any facts to refute what I have said, please post them here (I'll keep them private) or ask Mutnomah County Sheriff or DA for a statement to refute anything I've posted (I will not believe anything either Kaine or Desiree says - they are proven liars)   As much as Multnomah County residents paid for Kyron Horman searches, the sheriff owes the public a statement of what is going on with the case.  Also ask why Kaine Horman has refused to increase the reward fund.  Desiree was so bent of raising it to $350,000. (the amount she thinks Terri paid her attorney) yet it has never been raised a single penny ever since Intel fronted the $50,000. for the reward very early on.  If Kyron were really missing, the reward would be a half million dollars by now.

Multnomah County Sheriff owes the taxpayers and those who donated time / money to search for Kyron an update and to let them know if Kyron still needs to be found or not.  If they know Kyron is no longer missing and allow people to continue printing fliers and searching for them and posting about it in the blogs (and especially allow the hatred towards Terri Horman), it builds mistrust between the people and the police.

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