Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kyron Horman : repeat a lie often enough and you can get nearly everyone to believe it ! (even those who never believed Kaine Horman before)

One thing is apparent in the Kyron Horman case:  If Kaine Horman or Desiree Horman Young repeats a lie often enough, most people will end up believing it - even those who know Kaine and Desiree are liars and manipulators.

One such lie most are starting to buy into, even those who believe Terri Horman did not have anything to do with Kyron Hormans's vanishing, is about the doctor's appointment Terri allegedly was taking Kyron Horman to because of alleged ADHD / or seizure concerns.

First:  The only ones saying anything about the alleged doctor's appointment for "spaciness" is Kaine Horman.  Kaine Horman is now claiming Terri Horman wanted to take Kyron to the doctor for an alleged "spaciness".  One would need to ask why Kaine Horman would disagree with Kyron getting a checkup to make sure nothing was wrong if it was about ADHD or seizures.  The ADHD / seizures is only being spread by Kaine Horman, his sock puppets, and people speculating on the internet.  NOTHING like this has come from law enforcement.  Using this to show Terri Horman was a "bad mother" because she left Kyron Horman is the school hallway is basing this on something Kaine Horman - master liar and manipulator - said.

If Terri Horman was harming Kyron Horman as Desiree Homran Young hints at, then why would Terri want to take Kyron to the doctor where any evidence of physical abuse would come out?

The only reason why a father would object to their son having a medical checkup to make sure nothing was wrong - especially a parent that pretends to care about their son and has excellent health insurance - is if they were hiding something they did not want discovered.  From all the digging I have done and information gleaned from those poking around - the most believable reason Terri Horman wanted to take Kyron Horman to the doctor is because Kyron was being sexually abused.  Obviously it was not by Terri or Terri's teenage son otherwise Terri would not be the one to want to take Kyron to the doctor and Kaine Horman would not object to it.

If one uses common sense and reasoning then one would have to see Kaine Horman is hiding something and Terri Horman was the one that wanted it to be checked into.

For those who are looking at this case objectively:  WHY are you believing Kaine Horman (after all his conflicting statements / lies / and manipulation) when he says the reason Terri Horman wanted to take Kyron to the doctor is because of seizures / ADHD / or other such nonsense?  If that's all it was, Kaine would never have objected and Desiree would have had knowledge of this.  WHERE did your common sense / reasoning go when Kaine started mentioning the doctor appointment???


  1. I thought it rather curious that he would have an objection to TMH taking the child to see a doctor, whether he himself noticed anything out of sorts or not. What husband/father has a problem with a mother taking a child to see a doctor, for whatever reason? (Never mind the faith healer types).

    There seems to be a negative connotation in his assertion about TMH wanting taking the child to see the doctor, which does raise curiosity.

    If a mother thinks something is out of sorts medically, even if the father doesn't notice or acknowledge it, what's the problem with taking the child to a doctor for a check-up, even if it's just to east mom's concerns?

    How could THAT kind of caring and concern for the child be turned into something negative against the mother? Heaven help us all!

  2. Especially since Kaine has excellent health care insurance for his children there would have been absolutely no reason for him to object. Since he claims he loved his children and cared about them, one would think he would want to make sure nothing was wrong. Early in the investigation, he had no knowledge of a doctors appointment and now he all of a sudden remembers Terri was concerned because of Kyron's spaciness?


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