Saturday, May 28, 2011

Where are the Kyron Horman searches?

Almost one year ago, Kyron Horman disappeared from school.  The weather is a little colder and a little wetter although it would be the best time to search for Kyron Horman's body (remember in january we were told there was "credible information" that his body would be found near Skyline School) and here is why:

All of Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman-Young's sockpuppets claim that Terri Horman killed Kyron Horman and buried him.  Since she only had a 90 minute window where she did not have proof of where she was, Kyron's body (assuming he is dead) would have to be around Skyline School or around Hillsboro.  The fields and trails are MUDDY and no one would have been able to get very far - especially carrying a body - on that day.  Even if they had gone out in the mud a little ways, there would have been mud evidence in the vehicle.  Also, if  "Terri did it" (whatever "it" is) the person from the gym she ran into at Fred Meyer would have noticed the mud on her clothes.  We are led by Desiree Horman-Young  that Terri Horman harmed / killed Kyron Horman because:
"We now have information that shows us that Terri is very capable and most likely hurt him," she says. "She put it all in writing and we have seen all of it." 
 Yet there was no opportunity for Terri to have harmed / killed Kyron and disposed of his body in the timeframe without his body having been found by now.  Yet months after he disappeared, law enforcement continued searches where Terri Horman could not have gone that day because of the mud.  They also rappelled down cliffs "searching for Kyron" full well knowing Terri Horman did not have the time or the ability to do so - especially not if she was carrying a body and equipment to bury the body (and no mud on her clothes when she was at Fred Meyer to show she did any of this)

Right from the start Terri Horman was being grilled by both her husband and her husband's ex wife (and likely her husband's ex wife police detective husband) on where Kyron was.  For three weeks Terri Horman cooperated with law enforcement - up until she was set up in a [failed] murder for hire sting and hired a defense attorney that told her to keep quiet.  Most likely if they had not tried the idiotic sting in the alleged murder for hire plot set up by Kaine Horman and his nursery owner friend's landscaper acquaintance, Terri Horman would still be cooperating and repeating everything she knew about last june 4 (for the billionth time)
Young replays that day over and over in her mind. The phone call from the school that afternoon, informing her that Kyron was missing. Her call to Terri Moulton Horman, the boy's stepmother. Their confusing conversation. Young knew instantly something was horribly wrong. 
If law enforcement wants to find Kyron Horman, they need to look into Kaine Horman, Desiree Horman-Young and Detective Tony Young.  They have been sent down a rabbit trail by Kaine and Desiree and will not find Kyron as long as their sole focus is on Terri Horman (if it is - we only have Kaine and Desiree's word for it that she is the only one they are focusing on)  My only hope that Kyron Horman will be found is that there is a shadow investigation going on that Kaine, Desiree, and Detective Tony are not privy to.

And for all of the sockpuppets that wonder why Terri Horman is not helping search for Kyron or attending fund raisers:

1) The biological parents have refused to search for Kyron because they were "afraid of getting lost" and 2) the restraining order has prevented Terri Horman from participating in the fund raiser scams (even if she had wanted to)

Too afraid of getting lost to search for Kyron Horman (yet law enforcement allowed  Yashanee Vaughn's family search for her body - and they KNOW she is dead: )

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