Sunday, May 8, 2011

Harassment and stalking of Terri Horman tonight in Roseburg, Oregon

The cyber terrorists who claim "Terri did it" (without even agreeing what "IT" is), will be holding a terrorist hate meeting in Roseburg, Oregon tonight to harass and stalk Terri Horman and her parents.

One of the mentally unstable "organizers" of the terrorists claim Kyron is alive and is "being held" possibly "out of the country"  Yet just a couple of months ago Desiree Horman Young stated the new searches near Skyline School were being held because of "credible evidence" [that Kyron's body would be found].  The "searches" lasted just long enough for a few photo ops and then stopped.  If there was "credible evidence" then the searches would have been ongoing.

The search had been planned for months, but poor weather conditions forced a wait until this weekend, he said. The owners of special dogs used in the search said the animals did not work well in snow but recent conditions were good for sniffing out clues.

Kyron's mother, Desiree Young told KGW she felt encouraged by the Sunday effort.

"We are supporting the police and very hopeful that they are closer to finding Kyron," she said. "We know they will find Kyron. They are acting on some new information that they shared with us. We are confident they are getting closer to bringing him home."

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office has not revealed details of the investigation, but the Sheriff is expected to update commissioners next week. Young said Saturday that she’s confident in the investigation, but said it’s time to name a suspect.
“We’re confident that what they’re doing is all the right stuff, and every bit of information we’ve gotten from them has reassured us of that,” said Young, but added she believes it’s time to name a suspect.“We have overwhelming evidence,” said Young.
Walcott feels the boy is being held captive somewhere -- perhaps out of the country.

I think he's very much alive," she said. "If we don’t keep up the hope for the family what else do they have."
 So many inconsistencies and yet the media and mentally unstable civilian sock puppets believe every conflicting lie that Kaine Horman or Desiree Horman Young spews without questioning it.  Whatever happened to investigative journalism?  Now the media just spews whatever they are fed.

Once again the Oregonian (Oregonlive) has proven if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes a "fact" in some peoples minds.  No credible law enforcement source has stated Terri Horman is a focus of the investigation.  Only in Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman's warped minds is Terri a focus of the investigation. 

Shame on Oregonlive and the rest of the news media that advertised this terrorist hate campaign against a person who the law says is innocent unless and until she is proven guilty in a court of law.

Shame on those who participate in this hate filled harassment campaign (including the media) :  You are no better than osama bin laden and his mob of murdering terrorists.

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  1. I'm still stuck on the "overwhelming evidence" DY had back in February. Where's the news about her fight with the police for not making an arrest in light of the "overwhelming evidence" they shared with her? Just how "overwhelming" could the evidence be when it alone is nothing without a confession from TMH?

    All this hoopla about getting TMH to talk! They've convinced DY that they have the goods on TMH, but if she doesn't "talk" then the "evidence" amounts to nothing? How does that work? Sounds like a free for all on crime if the cops, "overwhelming evidence" in hand, still have to wait for their criminals to confess before they make a move these days.

    And so these three "Kyron lovers" are persuaded to go to TMH's neighborhood to make her "talk" by holding a "vigil"? If this didn't involve an innocent child it might be laughable.


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