Saturday, May 21, 2011

Making up crimes to blame Terri Horman for them

Now me are suppose to believe that Terri Horman committed arson in her parents home 20 years ago.  All of a sudden the accidental fire is now called an arson to blame Terri Horman for SOMETHING (anything) to "prove" she had it in her to do SOMETHING (which is still undefined) to kyron Horman.

Investigators can put little direct pressure on Terri Horman. But behind the scenes detectives dig into every part of her life.

Sources told KGW they were looking into a fire in the family's garage 20 years ago that they now believe may have been arson, a sign the investigators are poring over every aspect of Terri’s life.
The justice system can do little to pressure Terri Horman. But Young can pressure her, and she has. Just outside of Roseburg along Interstate 5, a large billboard shows five pictures of Kyron and a note from his mom: "I promise I will find you. I will never stop".
Young says it's for Kyron, but also for Terri.
 Of course, we are suppose to believe Desiree Horman Young sees Terri Horman when she drives past Roseburg, Oregon as well:
"I've been driving up the freeway going to Portland and I've seen her," said Desiree Young. "I'm like, 'You have got to be kidding me!'"
The fact are:  Terri Horman is being framed by Kaine and Desiree Horman as well as law enforcement.  They have to look back 20 years ago and all of a sudden declare a fire to be arson to cast suspicion on her because they have NOTHING ELSE.  We have been fed (often conflicting) packs of lies by Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman Young in order to lead us to believe Terri is guilty of whatever happened to Kyron Horman  (and they can't even tell us what it is)

First law enforcement has given no information to anyone.  NOTHING has come from law enforcement except through Kaine and Desiree and we are suppose to believe whatever they say with no confirmation?  Both Kaine and Desiree have agendas and they are feeding lies to their sock puppets in order to cast suspicion onto Terri Horman. Law enforcement refuses to say anything because they know it is all lies (and there are so many conflicting lies they would not know where to begin)

Both Kaine and Desiree mention emails that say Terri hated Kyron yet they "can't talk about them"  Both Kaine and Desiree claim law enforcement has uncovered a "double life" regarding Terri Horman yet they "cannot talk about it" and now, all of a sudden, a 20 year old garage fire in Terri's parents home is declared to be arson???  If that's the only thing they can sling at her, they are looking down the wrong rabbit trail.

If Kaine and Desiree Horman are being used to put pressure on Terri Horman, then it needs to stop.  Terri Horman is innocent of all crimes unless and until she is convicted of a crime.  Placing pressure on her to confess to something is what nazi germany did to its citizens.  Even if they did get her to "confess", a confession under duress would be thrown out of court because it was coerced,  may not be true and may have only been given to stop the harassment.

Once thing that has become extremely clear:  Desiree Horman Young is mentally unstable and needs as much mental help as SoCalIdiot (SoCalDreamer) needs.  She is getting to the point she is going to hurt or kill someone - or get someone to do it for her. 

We have been repeatedly fed the lie the arrest is imminent so why has Kaine Horman scheduled fund raisers through the summer and claim "this could go on for years" ?  And whatever happened to the searches near Skyline School a couple of months ago that were suppose to be happneing because of "credible information" (yet were scheduled months prior) ?

Why does Kyron Horman have a "war room" yet no other missing child in Oregon even has their own filing cabinet?  Why does he rate all this extra attention yet no other missing Oregon child has ever come close to as much attention from law enfocement than Kyron?

Seeing how incompetent Multnomah County Sheriff department is, I could see why they allow Kaine and Desiree to be their spokespeople (especially since they are obviously Kaine Horman's sock puppets) but since the FBI took over a couple of months ago, why does the FBI allow Kaine and Desiree to leak all the bogus garbage they are leaking to the media?  I thought the FBI would straighten the crap up but it's the same inconsistent manipulative reality show garbage from Kaine and Desiree as it was from day one.

I hope and pray that the FBI are looking into Kaine, Desiree and Tony Young's lives as hard as they are looking into Terri's life.  Also have to wonder why the FBI is allowing themselves to be led down the same bogus rabbit trail as Multnomah County Sheriff's department.  Maybe if they looked into Kaine Horman's BDSM and steroid abusing lifestyle they would find out what happened to Kyron.


  1. The madness is snowballing. They can't prove TMH did anything to cause the disappearance of the child, but they continually cast aspersions to feed the baser instincts of public opinion. They are drunk with their power to destroy this woman and seem to arrogantly pat each other on the back for their great breaking stories, no matter how unprofessional or unethical they may be, and no matter how much ignorance and hatred they inspire. Giving "the people" what they want in this circus is irresponsible, and makes about as much sense as the "we were just following orders" mantra we heard at Nuremberg.

    If they can't find anything wrong with this tragicomedy from a Constitutional or historical perspective, one would think they could at least pause to consider the possibility that tomorrow, they might also be so judged, but it's OK as long as it's someone else. God have mercy on every one of them; (Faux journalists, LE, commoners) if they ever find themselves on the receiving end of such unrelenting and devastating public hatred from people whose path they never even crossed.

  2. Thank you SO much for giving voice to the truth! I have tried and tried saying as much to the forum I belong to, with success. When one tries to question EVERYONE close to Kyron, with equal measure, one is labeled a hater. It's very odd to me that in this particular case, folks across the net are treated in the same way. Yet in other cases, questioning EVERYONE (yes even and especially family/friends first), can be done without being accused/shamed/blamed for being mean to the grieving family/friends. I don't know what part, if any, that Terri may have participated in with Kyron having gone missing. Yet, what Kaine/Desiree is attempting to do to her is a travesty of justice. IMO. And has nothing to do "finding Kyron". All I want to do, and would like others to do, is just to take a long hard look at Kaine, just as is being done with Terri. None so blind as those who cannot see.


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