Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Was Kyron Horman's body found in Maine?

First the investigators state there is 'no reason to think Kyron is dead' then they dive for him and search the wood in january due to "credible information".  Now they are still believing he is alive and will be brought home even though he has been missing nearly a year:

But they're still holding on to the hope of finding him alive.

"I sure hope he is," Krafve said. "I hold out some hope he is. We don't have any physical evidence to suggest he's deceased. But it's been 11 months and I'm a realist. And it wouldn't surprise me if he is deceased."

We were fed lies from Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman Young that law enforcement "knew" Terri Horman was guilty and they were just biding their time to arrest her.  We heard from SoCal-Idiot that an arrest "was imminent" since last july.  Now Kaine Horman is saying the investigation may take years.

Of course this is if the body found in Maine is ruled out as being Kyron Horman's body.  If it is Kyron's body, then there will be more questions than answers:  Kaine Horman has relatives in Maine.


Update:  Body found was confirmed to be another boy and not Kyron Horman

Computer generated image of body found in Maine                Kyron Horman

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