Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Did sleep deprivation cause Kaine Horman to lose his temper and kill Kyron Horman?

According to Kaine Horman, the entire family was becoming sleep deprived due to Kiara Horman's earaches / teething leading up to june 4, 2010 (the day Kyron Horman disappeared)
Kaine attributed the staring spells to sleep deprivation. In the weeks leading up to Kyron's disappearance, the baby – Kiara – had been dealing with an ear infection. He says her crying at night was keeping the whole family up, especially Kyron, whose room is right across the hall.
It is known that Kaine Horman is a control freak and loses his temper easily.  That coupled with his steroid abuse and sleep deprivation made him into a ticking time bomb on june 4, 2010.  Someone with roid rage and sleep deprived would become explosive if they found out their wife wanted to take their son to the doctor especially if he had been sexually abusing that son.

At least the media is now admitting that there was no time for Terri Horman to have done anything to Kyron that day:

The infection plays a key role in what Terri claims she did after the science fair. Surveillance video shows she visited two different Fred Meyer stores to get medication for Kiara.
When woukd she have had time to go to two Fred Meyer stores, dig a grave, and kill Kyron, work out at the gym, and get home by 1:30 ?  The fields were muddy that time of year (as they will be this year on june 4) so if Terri Horman did anything to Kyron, it would have been very close to the road and his body would have been found by now.

Kaine Horman had the time, opportunity, motive to have kidnapped and/or killed Kyron Horman.  He also had the opportunity: he parked the Mustang at Intel so the GPS would show it was there all day and he used another vehicle.  With this admittance of sleep deprivation, likely he killed Kyron Horman in a fit of narcissistic rage fueled by steroids (read the prior articles specifically the one on Kaine's time line and how steroids / narcissism go together) 

Of course, several months ago Kaine Horman stated he did not know Kiara was sick and now he is saying she had not been feeling well for WEEKS and kept the entire family up and sleep deprived.  I guess whatever works at the moment - his sock puppets are sure to believe every conflicting statement and lie he feeds them.

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