Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The three [mentally unstable facebook sock puppets] stooges and obama bin ladin


The three stooges that planned the Terri Horman harassment "vigil" are just like osama bin laden.  They want to take American peoples freedoms and rights away just like osama did.
"We're hoping the vigil will push Terri to talk," said Amy Walcott, one of the organizers.

The three mentally unstable sock puppets who coordinated the three person harassment campaign against Terri Horman on mothers day are terrorists who want to destroy America and the Constitution just like any other fanatical terrorist.  There is no difference behind the satanic force of these three mentally unstable women and the force that is behind al qaida and its deceased leader osama bin laden.

The media covering this terrorist campaign is as despicable as these three stooges are.  These woman would be happier living in nazi germany than they are living in the once-great once-Constitution-loving United States.

The three stooges that planned this terrorist campaign against Terri Horman obviously hate the United States and hate the rights so many Americans have fought and died for.  The three stooges showed themselves to be unintelligent and ignorant during their "fifteen seconds of glory" giving their shallow sounding sound bites.   If they are representative of those who think "Terri did it" (without even agreeing or stating what "IT" is) then it's no wonder Kaine Horman is getting rich off of his missing son (who he is most likely guilty of disappearing)  Do these fools even remember Terri has a restraining order against her so she couldn't search for Kyron even if she wanted to?  And how can they think selling trinkets, plants, pumpkins, etc. is the same as SEARCHING for Kyron?  Instead of holding this terrorist campaign against Terri Horman, why do they not expend the energy to search for Kyron Horman where Desiree Horman Young said they had credible evidence his body is?  Oh, I know - they are "afraid of getting lost" just like Kaine and Desiree are too afraid of getting lost to actually go out and search for their son.

What is wrong with actually going out and LOOKING for Kyron instead of just "getting his name out there" ("getting his name out there" to sell more junk???)  It's obvious with fundraisers scheduled throughout the summer that Kaine Horman is not actually expecting Kyron to be found any time soon.  It also shows that the "credible evidence" Kaine and Desiree claimed law enforcement had to search back in january was not all that credible.

Thinkers can see this whole story smells badly.  Feelers just go along with whatever lie Kaine or Desiree tells them that makes them feel good.

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