Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The solution for airport security - and doing away with the invasive body scanners

People complain about "racial profiling" at airport wanting would be terrorists treated the same as law abiding citizens.  Others are concerned with the privacy violation and cancer risk of full body scanners.

The solution is to have a security booth people step into and have any explosives detonated that is on that person.  This would solve all problems of invasive minimum wage gropers (oops - TSA agents) and porn shots.  It would also free up seats for people on standby.

Another thought I've had is wondering why TSA can get away with taking child porn shots of children with the full body scanners?  Groping children is also a crime.  Considering most suicide bombers in the middle east are children, allowing children to pass through security unchecked is a security risk yet checking the children with the porn scanners or groping are criminal acts.

Israel security chief in charge of Ben Gurion airport security said the full body scanners are worthless in stopping explosives from getting through and they give a false sense of security.

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