Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Datamining I did years ago is now gaining credibility

I tried to get mydatamining noticed and had even sent letters to the Seattle Fire Department regarding the high incidents of certain cancers in firemen stationed at station 31 in Seattle . The latest email I sent to them was nearly a year ago - an email they replied with"thanks but no thanks"
Date: 4/1/2010

From: Think I'm that stupid?


Subject: Fire Station 31 and cancer


Biggest reason for increase in breast cancer (and brain cancer) in the western world is due to a lack of melatonin caused by EMF. Risk can be reduced by taking a melatonin supplement before you sleep (it causes natural drowsiness) This will also reduce certain cancer risks for fire fighters and nurses (as well as others) that work the night shift. Seattle fire station 31 can reduce their cancers if they would listen - and the city of seattle refused to even hear this free information when I offered it to them ...... It works because the melatonin temporarily naturally suppresses estrogen production in the body. EMF interferes with this (through the pineal gland) which causes an unnatural 24 hour estrogen production (which is normally shut down 8 hours a day by natural melatonin) This was discovered because blind women have a significant decrease in breast cancer than sighted women.
I even posted some of the same datamining results on this blog back in early October: Can Melatonin reduce the risk of some types of cancer?

Now after numerous emails to the media and to Seattle Fire Department, KING TV (Belo) is covering the news that light and lack of melatonin is linked to high breast cancer incidents in Seattle:
But cancer cops like Fred Hutchinson Cancer Researcher Dr. Scott Davis keep looking for clues. Lately he's been finding them on the night shift.

"We were looking at whether or not the risk of breast cancer is influenced by whether or not a woman works the night shift," says Dr. Davis.

His group found a woman's body doesn't produce as much cancer fighting melatonin if she is working under bright lights at night instead of sleeping in the dark.
I have only been posting about this for years on various news stories and have been emailing the Seattle Fire Department so they could inform the firemen about using Melatonin to decrease their risk of certain types of cancer.  Now, years after I have been posting about it, Fred Hutchinson Cancer  researchers are releasing their study results and taking credit for what I (as well as many others) have known - and have been posting and talking about - for YEARS

Now if only they would take my datamining research about ALS and Parkinsons Disease seriously ...

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