Friday, January 21, 2011

Was the Tucson shooting and the Spokane, WA terrorist plot related to the same skin head group?

Most have heard about the Tucson shooting by a mentally ill neo-nazi / skinhead.  Most have not heard about the terrorist plot in Spokane Washington on the Martin Luther King Holiday this past monday.

There was a backpack with explosives / shrapnel left along the MLK parade route in Spokane.  It was to be detonated by a terrorist watching it from afar.  The FBI has stated it was a sophisticated bomb plot by someone that knew what they were doing.  Yesterday it was reported there were ties between that backpack bomb and a group of neo nazis in northern Idaho (~20 miles from Spokane, WA)

This hate group has threatened president Obama and is now carrying out their threats of killing Jewish leaders (congresswoman Giffords is Jewish) as well as those who were marching in support of MLK and his views on equal rights for all races of people.

One has to wonder why the media has not connected the two events when both events were carried out by people with the same racist world view.  If this group is escalating, then there may be another event they attempt to carry out soon.

PS:  Does anyone know why I'm getting so many page view on this blog from the governments of North Korea and Iran?   Neither of them read my blog on nuclear physics.


  1. I don't believe they are related. Jared Loughner is jewish himself -- this mother is jewish. He shot up the congresswoman (and anyone else he could put a bullet in) because she didn't adequately answer a warped question of his years back. He is not the right-wing conservative radical the media likes to paint.

  2. hitler's mother was Jewish. This guy regularly visited white supremist "white power" web sites.

  3. It was a jarring to see Mein Kampf listed as a favorite book. But then Jared's acquaintances came foward and the context for me became clearer. One young man explained that he believed Jared listed that book to look cool, push some buttons and gain attention -- that there was nothing in his behaviors or conversations that would support him hating the Jews. But Jared was all about saying shocking things to get a rise out of people.

    As far as the American Renaissance site, it is a site of anti-government policies, anti-immigration law and anti-multiculturalism. Jared was certainly preoccupied with illiterate members of his community and was big on distrusting government/schools. While it's true that some members are anti-semitic, it is also true that many aren't. In fact their conferences include regular contributions from Jewish authors and speakers.

  4. Time will tell if it is related or not. Being a week apart, it's either an amazing coincidence or the two events were inspired by the same source.


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