Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Kaine Horman "There's an app for that" Kyron Horman app scam

I wanted to post about this earlier although my Portland nd Oregon contact was unavailable to check out a few things until late this past week.

Once again Kaine Horman is using Kyron Horman's disappearance to further the business of one of his friends.  By using Kyron Horman's poster as an auto response to a call to a sell phone, Kaine Horman is hoping it will increase downloads of the free application (app.) for his friend's business of selling ads and announcements to companies.  Just because someone downloads the app. to "help Kyron" is no guarantee they will inundate their friends, family, coworkers, and business contacts with Kyron's poster:  I could very well be some other paid advertisement including those they would prefer to not send to certain people (viagra ads to their child?)

People complain they have to listen to ads while on hold and people complain about junk emails advertising all sorts of scams and products so why would any person want to send out junk mail to anyone that tries to call them on their cell phone?  A simple message of "I'm on the road, I'll call back as soon as I can" is much more polite and professional than an ad for viagra or asny other type of scam Kaine's app. developement friend sells to their advertisers.

Anyone who sends me junk when I try to contact them shows they have no common sense.  It would be like placing advertisements in your vacation email auto responder instead of just a short message you will respond when you get back.  If you are searching for a job or have business contacts that call you:  Do you really want to harass those trying to contact you with an advertisement?  If Kyron Horman's disappearance means so much to you already do not your friends and family already know all about it?  ow would you like it if an Alternate-Theories Blog ad was sent to your cell phone when you made a call?

Once again Kaine Horman is using his son Kyron's disappearance for financial gain for either himself and/ or his friends' businesses.

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