Monday, January 31, 2011

More inconsistencies in the search for Kyron Horman

 I'll let the highlighted part speak for itself.  It appears Desiree Horman - Young is continually trying to show that law enforcement is giving her information they likely are not giving her.  She is claiming that this past weekend's "diving for dollars" search for Kyron Horman was based on new information and yet two paragraphs before in the same news article it states this search had been planned for months (to occur at the end of january right before the current funding ran out in february)

Why are all the "news reporters" buying the party line and not thinking / investigating this for themselves???  It is so obvious to me, as well as many others,  that things are not as they seem in this case.   Too many inconsistencies, down right lies and too well scripted to be a real case (at least a real case regarding to what is claimed about it)

What type of parent would have been told about this "evidence" months ago (when the search was planned) without hiring their own search party and going out searching for their own son instead of waiting until the weather "improved" ???   Remember: Terri Horman had less than an hour in order to do anything to Kyron Horman and if they still think she is guilty, the only searching that makes any sense would be less than 15 minutes from a road and not the thousands of acres they claim need to be searched.  You also need to remember that june 2010 was very wet and off road / fields was muddy.  Since there was no evidence of mud in the truck that day, the only logical place to search if you really believed Terri Horman was guilty of doing anything to Kyron Horman is right along the roads.  Since this area is popular with hikers, cyclists, equestrians, it is very unlikely a body in the feasible search area would not have been discovered by now.  I know people who would have been out looking 24/7 for a lost pet and yet Kyron Horman's egg and sperm donor have refused to search even during the nice days of summer.
The search had been planned for months, but poor weather conditions forced a wait until this weekend, he said. The owners of special dogs used in the search said the animals did not work well in snow but recent conditions were good for sniffing out clues.

Kyron's mother, Desiree Young told KGW she felt encouraged by the Sunday effort.

"We are supporting the police and very hopeful that they are closer to finding Kyron," she said. "We know they will find Kyron. They are acting on some new information that they shared with us. We are confident they are getting closer to bringing him home."

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