Monday, January 10, 2011

Political correctness stealing our freedom and security


Israeli security is the toughest in the world.  Ben Gurion airport is one of the most secure airports that there is - and yet they reject the full body scanners as a waste of money.  Ben Gurion security experts have stated they can trick the full body scanners and carry enough explosives through the scanners (and pass) to bring down a 747.

When I was in Israel a few years ago they was security everywhere - but not "in your face" like in the United States.  They also allowed liquids through security with no 100ML in a quart container limit.  You can also carry your beverage through airport security in Israel.  Also there is no shoe scanning - and all of this after the would be shoe bomber caused homeland (in)security and the EU to limit liquids in carry ons and to scan all shoes.

Israel leads security because they profile and only go after those who fit the profile of a would be terrorist.  The United States does not profile terrorists because they don't want to hurt peoples feelings.  The United States prefers to take away innocent Americans' rights instead of profile neo-nazis and muslim jihadists that have stated publicly they support terrorism against the United States.  Already the democrats are calling for more gun control and a quashing of freedom of speech because the neo nazi shot 20 people killing six on saturday.  Anyone who observed this white supremist knew he was a danger several years ago and yet now we all must pay because no one did anything to stop him.

The same can be said about the Kaine Gang cyber bullies - they will end up hurting or killing someone and then everyone will pay because Multnomah County Sheriff refused to stop their cyber terrorist activities.   Everyone is outraged when an event happens and yet refuse to do anything when there are warning signs of the future event.  The cyber bullying / cyber terrorism of Kaine Horman's supporters needs to be stopped before they hurt or kill someone - the signs are warning of that happening and yet law enforcement and the media will not care and will not do anything until after it happens.

Why is the bullying never stopped until after some one is hurt or killed?  Why do web sites condone this illegal activity while claiming they are doing everything to stop it?  Why does law enforcement ignore the computer crime laws and allow it to repeatedly happen?

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  1. I looked up assassinate on Facebook. There are blatant calls for the assassination of various people. One page calls for the assassination of Justin Bieber & has a depiction of him hanging from a noose. There are other equally appalling pages. Why does Facebook allow this? I am all for free speech. But these types of things cross the line in my book. If it was my company I wouldn't allow that type of hate speech.

    I blame it on Facebook.


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