Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Us" verus "Them" - the new (?) war in Amerika

The last year or two in particular there has been a war in America not yet realized by many people.  It is the police against the people.  There have been numerous fatal shootings of police officers by lone gunmen.  There has also been numerous shootings of unarmed or non threatening people by the police.

While the incidents make the news, little is said about the increasing violence by people against law enforcement or about the lethal force used by some police officers against unarmed or non threatening people.

I'm not disounting the officers deaths in violent situation although those situations are not the topic of this post.  This post is regarding the massacre of police officers that were not involved violent encounters with suspects.  Last year in the Seattle / Tacoma area there were several shootings of police officers that were sitting in a coffee shop or parked along the road.  (The "Lakewood four" and officer Brenton who was killed on Halloween while sitting in his patrol car)

There are also incidents of police officers killing unarmed men (the pastor defending his property in Spokane and the wood carver who was shot last summer in Seattle because he was deaf and did not hear the officer tell him to drop his knife)

It seems that this is a vicious circle:  The police are likely to use force because of all the recent violence against police officers and mentally unstable going after the police because of the killing of innocent and unarmed people by the police.  Something needs to be done so both sides "stand down" and do not over react to situations.  If this does not happen, there will be more innocent people on both "sides" who will be killed because of this circle of violence that seems to be escalating.

It is unfortunate prosecutors refuse to stop the violence by police officers and it is unfortunate those who are mentally unstable are not receiving the mental help they need because the state prefers to build a worthless viaduct replacement tunnel (four billion dollars) than to fund social programs for those who are mentally unstable.

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