Sunday, February 6, 2011

Is one of Kaine Horman's mentally unstable sock puppets hiding Kyron Horman?

One things is so odd in this case:  all of Kaine Horman's defenders are mentally unstable and feel no one has the right to even think that Kaine Horman may be involved in Kyron Horman's disappearance.  This is not normal in any other case and shows that there is an underlying cause to their mental instability..

Some of the most obvious reasons is a tie to Kaine Horman.  This could be a sexual tie (one of Kaine Horman's numerous male / female bed buddies) or it could be drugs:  Kaine Horman is a known steroid dealer at his gym.

Those would be the obvious reasons.  The not so obvious I have mentioned before on this blog:  a psychological test / manipulation of people to see how far they need to go to get people to capitulate to their side (and to see who are the gullible followers versus the thinkers)  This was done in nazi germny by hitler as well as in other oppressive regimes.  It would not be beyond the obama administration to use such tactics on the people of the United States.

Whatever it is:Kaine Horman's supporters use terrorist tactics as well as bullying, stalking, and harassing to defend their beloved Kaine.  They unfairly judge others by stating people are "slandering (sic) Kaine" by stating he had something to do with Kyron Horman's disappearance while in the same breath claim Terri Horman is guilty of murdering Kyron Horman in cold blood even though law enforcement has repeatedly stated there is no evidence Kyron is dead.  It appears the mentally unstable feel they can state lies and yet feel nobody else can post any opinions that goes contrary to theirs.  This is a major sign of narcissistic mentally unstable individuals who are a danger to society.

One has to wonder if Kaine's mentaly unstable sock puppets are so sure Kaine had nothing to do with Kyron Horman's disappearance just how close to Kaine and the case they are?  You have mentally unstable people who claim that law enforcement is feeding them information (so they could post it online for their groupies???) because they are a "famous rock star" (that remains anonymous to "protect her privacy"   --- her groupies - gullible "feelers" believe this idiotic mentally unstable garbage)  It would not be beyond them to have Kyron stashed and trying to set up Terri Horman so Kaine can have custody of both Kyron and Kiara.  Whatever their tie is to Kaine Horman is not normal.

One thing that stands out for me from the start:  The FBI stated, within the first days of Kyron Horman's disappearance, that they "would be using social media in this case"  and this leads to the possibility they are using it as a psychological test as I have previously stated.  They stated this within a few days like they knew there would not be a quick and easy conclusion.  This has since disappeared online (before I realized how the media would change and edit their stories to fit what is currently being told to the people)

I'm not sure although I assume even feelers have to be able to think - at least just a little - yet none of Kaine Horman's supporters do.  They just continually repeat the party line which leads one to wonder if this is just a psychological test or Kaine's drug / sex buddies defending him or maybe feelers just cannot think for themselves and will fall for whatever lie they feel is true.  Of course if they are abuse victims, it may be Stockholm Syndrome.  From what I have read, dominates have a hold on their submissives (as do drug dealers over their customers)

Kaine Horman and his supporters have already been discussed in more than one psychology graduate school courses.  It would be a wonder if any of these individuals can function in society and I imagine all of them are collecting SSI (for mental instability?) and are drug abusers.  At least I hope they are not a representative part of society because if they are, America is doomed.

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  1. Whatever the bond between Kaine and his core batch of defenders, it becomes increasingly pathological. Bullying and threats are daily occurrence on Facebook's Anti Terri Horman board. They have conditioned all of us to accept their hatred for Terri with constant name calling and ridicule as okay while for anybody else to suggest other family members involvement is "vile spew" and "lies". People have become careful to make qualified comments because of fear of retaliation by these thugs. It makes no sense in the real world. Silencing alternative opinion does not change facts. We don't know what happened to Kyron. period. no matter how many times they condemn terri, it doesn't create facts. The psychological and emotional abuse going on on the Anti page should be unacceptable to all Americans.


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