Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tunisia and Egypt civil unrest: is Jordan and Syria next? maybe the United States?

what is disconcerting to many about the obama administration stating they want a regime change in Egypt "to democracy" is that the obama administration is supporting the "muslim brotherhood" takeover of egypt.  The "muslim brotherhood" is a radical islamic terrorist organization that will rule with sharia law.

Currently egypt i friendly towards both Israel and the United States.  This could soon change if obama gets his way.  This will be very important to the world because egypt controls the Suez Canal which is a major transportation route for the world's oil. 

A few days ago I posted a cartoon that showed what happened after president carter visited iran: iran became radical and unfriendly to the U.S.  Now after obama visited egypt, it appears egypt will be going radical.  Do we want yet another radical islamic nation in the Middle East?

Just yesterday there was a fire in the pipeline that transported natural gas to Jordan.  There is a bible prophecy that the Ashwan Dam in egypt will be brought down (likely by terrorists) which will flood much of Cairo and cause many deaths.

The islam uprising started in Tunisia and is now in egypt.  There are indications that Jordan and syria may be next for the islamic uprising.  Just last week, the King or Jordan released his cabinet.  There have been unrest in both Jordan and Syria in recent weeks.  There has also been iranian warships that have moved through the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean Sea in recent weeks.  Things are about to heat up in the middle east as never before seen on planet earth.

One needs to wonder with the internet kill switch legislation in the United States whether the United States government is also preparing for the possibility of civil unrest and uprising.  China has already blocked searches on egypt and tunisia to prevent a Chinese uprising.  One wonders what the obama administration would do to prevent people from calling for him to step down?  After all, he supports the people of egypt calling for a president to step down so why is he taking counter measures to keep the United States people from doing the same thing?

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