Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is Multnomah County Sheriff Staton scamming the taxpayers?

It's interesting that after I exposed the "diving for Kyron dollars" scam by Multnomah County Sheriff that used the Sauvie Island searches to manipulate the "feeler" taxpayers into giving him more money to "dive for Kyron" (even though there is "no evidence Kyron is not alive") we now have the FBI re-entering the picture.

It is also interesting that the Sheriff is now not asking for more tax dollars and yet is continuing the investigation apparently unfunded?  This obviously cannot happen.  After the diving for dollars scam was exposed, we now have SIX FBI agents entering the picture.  What the taxpayers do not realize is they are paying for the FBI agents but it does not have to go through Sheriff Staton and his begging for Kyron dollars budget.  It is funded in an entirely different way (but from the same taxpayer source)

While doing some rough calculations this evening with information obtained from public records and a few of my contacts that know about such stuff, the six FBI agents will cost the Multnomah County taxpayers nearly double the cost the next three months (until june) that Sheriff Staton regularly asked the taxpayers for for his department to search for Kyron.  Double the cost but paid another way so Sheriff Staton can claim he is not asking / getting the tax money for Kyron.  It will be interesting to see how the Multnomah deputies on the Kyron Horman case are being paid.  I'm willing to bet their pay and over time will be paid through another source that Sheriff Staton will not have to include on his buget / expense account.

Once again:  Sheriff Staton instead of directly asking for Kyron dollars is doing en end run around the taxpayers and getting them to pay double but not having to admit it to them.

If anyone wonders why the FBI is suddenly back on the scene in full force:  It is so the Kyron Horman investigation can be funded without Sheriff Staton having to put it on his budget and without the people realizing they are still funding it

Sheriff Staton came up with a new way to fund his investigation without holding the obviously bogus diving for Kyron dollars searches (while claiming there is no evidence Kyron is dead)

Just another turn of events that makes this entire case even more suspicious.  It does give the psychological testing / reality show theories even more more credibility than before.

Someone needs to investigate the investigation and this entire case (or the reality show needs to be cancelled and the script exposed)

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