Saturday, February 19, 2011

What happened to the Kyron Horman "searches" after all the "new leads and information" they claimed they had?

In december, I predicted the "diving for Kyron [Horman] dollars" at the end of january to beg for more tax dollars.  Right on cue, the searches happened and they claimed it was because of "new leads" and "new information" they had since november but it was the first chance ("due to weather") they had to search.  The search led to nothing and they said they were only able to search a small area of what they wanted to.  Here it is, a nice weekend to search and yet why are they not out searching since they have "new credible information" ???   It's obvious Multnomah county knows I can read them like a book and they are now going to advise their committee and this time not beg for tax dollars.  It should be obvious the searches were only for show and for the money they were sure they could get from them.

Why do they only search when they need something for the media to print about (and increase their ad revenue and page views) ?

I also predicted the egg donor would claim valentines day was "Kyron's favorite holiday" (right after the 4th of july, labor day, halloween, thanksgiving, x-mass, and new years)  Now his favorite holiday will be ishtar (easter) and st. patricks day.  OOPS - I left out groundhog day which everyone knows "was Kyron's favorite holiday"

The federal government is investigating the way this investigation is being handled.  It's only a matter of time before the feds release information about the way the Kyron Horman case has been handled (if there is a case and if Kyron is really missing)

For those who have not been able to reach me via the temp. accounts which I have deleted, you can reach me at (and not the name socal-idiot claims is me)

Not much to write about regarding the Kyron Horman case.  I'm working on an interesting article I may post either tomorrow or monday.  An article that will make you think twice about what you do online.

KS:   Has anyone contacted you regarding CM?  I now have contacts that are close to CM (I never told anyone anything - and I won't)

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