Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is socal-idiot Desiree Horman Young's mentally unstable / deluded sock puppet?

Once again, Desiree Horman Young makes false statements for the masses of foolish sock puppets that contradicts what the Multnomah County Sheriff clearly states: They are not close to an arrest of anyone in the Kyron Horman case.  This is proven again by bringing in profilers to profile a probable suspect.

Desiree Horman Young sounds more and more like socal-idiot (SoCalDreamer do a google search or search this blog)    I would not be surprised if socal-idiot is Desiree's sock puppet.  Both are definitely is deluded enough to think law enforcement is feeding her information on the case and both sound as mentally unstable as the other.

If the FBI wants to solve this case (if it is a real case and not a psychological test or reality show) then they need to investigate Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman Young.  Both have motives (discussed on this blog previously) to kidnap Kyron Horman from the other birth parent.  I have clearly stated in numerous posts that if Kyron is really missing it is most likely a parental kidnapping by either Kaine Horman (most likely) or Desiree Horman Young.  Too many inconsistencies in Desiree Horman Young's behavior and statements although she may be in denial or may be in verge of a mental breakdown - but she could also be involved.  From her first letter to Kyron back in june, it is clear to me something is fishy (plus I believe she is acting - from the first "Kyron is alive" statement at the media dog and pony show Kaine took over)  The birth parents are the most likely suspects for reasons I have clearly outlined previously.  I still think it was Kaine although it would not surprise me if it was Desiree (if Kyron is really missing, etc.)


They point to one undeniable fact: They lack any physical evidence of Kyron, or physical evidence that links anyone to his disappearance. 

And, with "not one shred of evidence to indicate the child has died," Staton said, investigators must push forward as though Kyron is still alive.
Asked whether she thinks Kyron is still alive, Young said, “Actually, I hope he is. I don’t know the answer to that.” 
"In the beginning of the case, I did believe that," she said. I hope every day that Kyron comes through the door and that we find him okay. I want that with everything... "But with the information and evidence that I have been presented against Terri, I'm confident that she probably did something to him."
The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office has not revealed details of the investigation, but the Sheriff is expected to update commissioners next week. Young said Saturday that she’s confident in the investigation, but said it’s time to name a suspect.
“We’re confident that what they’re doing is all the right stuff, and every bit of information we’ve gotten from them has reassured us of that,” said Young, but added she believes it’s time to name a suspect.“We have overwhelming evidence,” said Young.
For the first time since her son vanished more than eight months ago, Desiree Young conceded that Kyron is probably dead.

"I'm disappointed this isn't over with. I'm disappointed we haven't found this young man," Staton said. "I don't put the blame on our investigators...Everybody who has been involved in this has worked on this case as diligently as possible. We know more about what potentially did happen than we ever did in the past. The biggest hope is we would have found him."
By mid-June, if there's been no arrest, Staton said he will review the task force's progress once again. "One thing I can assure you, if this case stagnates and there's nothing more coming in, we'll have to take a different approach."


  1. Seems the case is already stagnant. All that LE "knows" about what "potentially" happened has apparently lead them nowhere. If it's true that they're directly feeding DY info which implicates TMH; info considered to be "overwhelming evidence," what's the hold up on an arrest, or at least an official declaration of TMH as a suspect? She's telling us that LE suspects TMH, but LE won't make a move. Could there be a secret LE focus on DY? If she's to be believed, then the 124 sex offenders LE interviewed have been eliminated as suspects. Interesting.

  2. I wonder the same thing-is DY being investigated and that is why LE is showing her information on Terri that makes her look like the bad guy. I think its unprofessional for LE to do this info sharing and am having a hard time believing it to be true. Unless this is what is going on. Sounds like a cop show episode though...

    I'm praying that now that the FBI is involved that the truth of this case will come to light. And that Kyron is found and brought home. I just would love to say, "that Kyron is found alive...", but I really doubt that possibility.


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