Monday, February 21, 2011

nazi germany repeat: Welcome to Amerika

Although it is possible that Kyron Horman is really missing, I am finding it harder and harder to believe as the events pass.  I remember in the first few days the FBI stating they will use social media extensively in this case (they never had before and it was too early to have made that statement if this is a real case)

When hitler came to power, he turned the German people against all groups of people he detested and blamed those groups for the world's problems: The Jews, The Christians, The Homosexuals, The Gypsies, and anyone else that was not blond and blue eyed.  He lied about those groups and said they were liars, thieves, evil,and were not fit to live on earth, etc.

Now we have what is looking like a psychological test that has a poorly written script written by amateurs that has blamed Terri Horman for doing all sorts of horrible things (or stashing) Kyron Horman when there is absolutely no evidence any harm has come to him.  In fact, there is evidence that Kaine Horman is the guilty party (even in the script) and yet the nazis (oops - sock puppets) ignore it and go with the [nazi] party line: "Terri Horman is guilty even if there is no evidence."

Desiree Horman Young leading a hate campaign to Roseburg to harass Terri Horman (through her neighbors) is the very same thing hitler did with the German people against those groups (named above) he was trying to blame for the world's problems.  You even have the press cooperating with this nazi propaganda campaign.  They report on Desiree Horman Young's nazi tactics and yet refuse to mention that Terri Horman is not even a person of interest let alone a named suspect.  If there is "all this evidence" that Desiree Horman Young claims, law enforcement would be arresting the suspect.  Who does she think she is that feels she has to call the shots and tell law enforcement how to do their job especially since she always says what a wonderful job they are doing and how she is 100% behind them???

What is this country coming to when vigilantes are allowed to harass and intimidate others?  Why is the media aiding in this terrorist activity?  Why is law enforcement allowing this to happen?  This does NOT happen in a normal case and I THINK it is more likely this is a real life reality show or psychological testing than a real case of Kyron Horman missing.  Whatever it is, it is not normal.  If Kyron Horman is really missing then Desiree Horman Young is mentally unstable and needs to be locked up for the safety of society since she is escalating  and there is no telling what violence she or one of her equally mentally unstable sock puppets will do to Terri Horman if this is not immediately stopped.


  1. To go with your premise the media is the propaganda machine for the masses. One of their tactics is to say that Terri was the last one to see Kyron alive-say it often enough and the masses will be hypnotized into believing it is true.

    My own opinion is that Kyron was abducted by a stranger-the environment was condusive to such a scenario-much more than Terri taking him or harming him in any way, of which, just sounds ridiculous when Terri could have partnered with Desiree to put Kyron into her custody.

  2. You think this is bad? You should look up what the media and opposing side did to Raye Dawn Smith...


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