Sunday, February 20, 2011

New low in the Kyron Horman reality show: Desiree Horman Young starts a new bullying campaign against Terri Horman

Desiree Horman-Young must have given up her "Bring Kyron Home For ....[insert holiday]" business since now, after months of selling trinkets because "Kyron is alive" and fundraising at Kaine's friend's businesses (including the recent long haul truck campaign), she is now claiming Kyron is dead and starting a Roseburg, Oregon harassment / bullying campaign against Terri Horman.

Why her "police detective" husband Tony Young would allow Desiree Horman Young to go to Roseburg to pass out fliers to harass Terri Horman - who is not even a named suspect or person of interest in Kyron Horman's disappearance - is a question that needs answered.  This type of harassment / bullying campaign is typical of the Kaine Horman sock puppet brigade that has been harassing and stalking those who believe Kaine Horman is guilty of murdering or disappearing his son.  This shows to me that Desiree Horman Young is either part of Kyron Horman's disappearance / murder or this is a reality show.  This would never happen in any other case.

One would hope that Terri Horman's attorney, Steven Houze, will file a restraining order against Desiree Horman Young first thing tuesday morning (monday is a holiday) or sooner if he can get an emergency restraining order.

After last month's farce of "diving for Kyron dollars" right after the long distance campaign to find a living Kyron Horman, I expected something new and this fits the bill - especially right before the thursday Multnomah County update on the investigation.  The script writers are getting desperate using this bullying / harassment campaign against Terri in real life.  It seems since the cyber bullying / harassment campaign did not work, they are now taking it real world.

If law enforcement does not stop this harassment / bully campaign then they will guarantee there will be no justice for Kyron (if Kyron is missing or dead / Terri Horman had anything to do with it / etc.)  They also need to protect Terri Horman from the bully campaign:  She is not even a person of interest let alone a named suspect in any crime.  If the people of Roseburg, Oregon participate in this bully campaign: Shame on them.  This country's constitution states that a person is presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty.  Just because Kaine Horman's ex wife wants to harass her ex husband's current wife and blame her for a crime that law enforcement cannot prove ever happened does not mean anyoner else should participate in the hate / harassment / bullying campaign.  Is this what you want to teach your children - that  it's okay to harass and bully someone you "feel" may have done something???  It is not up to Desiree Horman Young to coerce Terri Horman and have her neighbors harass her to try and get her to say something.  This is despicable and needs to be immediately stopped.  For the media to participate in this bully campaign is just as despicable.

To me, this last action gives more credibility this is a real life reality show or some sort of psychological testing / manipulation of the masses.  This would never happen in a normal case.


  1. I dunno, the cyberbullying campaign continues by those who have built the gallows for Terri to hang from. You know who they are, the ones who have signatures under their comments that says: "Terri, where's Kyron?" They will eat their hats if Terri is not involved. They are so blinded that clear facts that LE has found nothing against Terri cannot be seen. They refuse to recognize that Kaine is a controller despite Desiree having said that he would never entertain the possibilty of her getting custody of Kyron. It is fruitless to engage arguments with them as they have refused to look on the case objectively. Terri is in their sights and no other facts need be hunted down.

    This is a despicable move by Desiree and shows me that she has had a tremendous amount of jealousy toward Terri going on for years. I do hope House does something about it because, if she is guilty of harming Kyron or not, this could hamper justice for the little guy.

    Great write-up!

  2. This has violent undertones. Sad that neither she, her husband nor the friends who were reportedly with her seem interested in the potential for criminal violence against TMH as they encourage the Roseburg community to confront her. Perhaps they should consider that she can never be brought to justice if one of these confrontations they encourage goes "extreme."

    DY states that there is "overwhelming evidence."

    If this is so, and they DO have "overwhelming evidence," should not her fight be with LE for not making an arrest in the name of justice for Kyron? If "Overwhelming Evidence" isn't enough to make an arrest, then what is? It seems LE gets a pass for not arresting TMH despite the damning evidence they share with her about TMH's guilt.

  3. What I found interesting while watching the ABC news interview regarding this event is that at the end the female newscaster stated that ABC news "is delivering the message as well". I find is appalling that a major news outlet would stoop to such a low. It is also quite scary to me the number of people who advocate and even offer to "torture" TH when no evidence to date has been released to the public. The fact that we have such sick minds loose in this great nation concerns me greatly for my family's safety.

  4. It's frightening how easily people jump on the hate bandwagon. It doesn't take much. We didn't learn anything from what happened to European Jews during WW II.


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