Saturday, March 5, 2011

Amerikan nazis harass Terri Horman

In the United States, people have the right to remain silent when they are arrested.  In fact, the Miranda warning read to those arrested1 :
You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?
Yet there are the internet nazis who believe this does not apply to Terri Horman.  You have the egg donor (Desiree Horman Young) leading her sock puppet nazi vigilantes on a "real world" hate campaign against Terri Horman the same way they have harassed and threatened those online who do not believe Terri Horman is guilty. They do not believe that Terri Horman has any rights that the United States constitution guarantees to every American Citizen.  Yet these same net-nazis would be the first to demand their rights if they are arrested for their harassment and stalking campaigns.
Roseburg, Oregon nazi terrorist hate campaign:
No more right to remain silent in nazi Amerika?

These nazi terrorists believe they have the right to stalk and harass others that disagree with them and their narcissistic puppetmaster(s).  They also believe they can decide who has Constitutional rights and who doesn't based on whatever lies their narcissistic leader(s) tell them.

Desiree Horman Young has repeatedly stated she agrees with law enforcement and the way they are handling nthis case and yet she goes and starts a harassment / hate campaign against her ex husband's current wife AND her law enforcement husband "detective" Tony Young is going along with it.  This appears to be an illegal hate / harassment campaign endorsed by law enforcement to try and coerce someone to talk that has the Constitutional right to remain silent.   Terri has an attorney that represents her and is the one that will speak for her regardless of how much these nazi's try and force her to talk.

These mentally unstable sock puppets make me ashamed of being an American.   It also shows how many people can be manipulated into being part of a hate campaign based on lies - the same thing hitler did in nazi Germany.

  1. June 1, 2010, U.S. Supreme Court decision ( Berghuis v. Thompkins), suspects still have the 5th Amendment right to remain silent, and the 6th Amendment right to the assistance of counsel; however, if a suspect waives these rights and interrogation begins, the right to halt further questioning by the police must be exercised explicitly, by invoking the 5th and/or 6th Amendment rights.


  1. I get what you mean with this post, but Terri is not a suspect nor has she been arrested. The right to remain silent is Terri's choice per her attorney's sound advice. As soon as one thinks LE is looking at them as a person of interest/suspect they need to lawyer up and shut up. Terri has done just that.

    (I wonder what is really behind the focus on Terri by Desiree and Kaine-it seems like a pre-emptive strike to me.)

    On a much smaller scale, I understand what its like to be harassed as if guilty of the lie's charge and its unsettling. One is damned if they stick up for themselves and damned if they don't. On a larger scale, Jesus heard the words, Crucify Him. He said not a word. Unfortunately, people find it easier to believe a lie than to search for the truth in a matter. There will be a big humbling one day for those with a herd mentality who pridefully follow their leaders in saying, Terri, where is Kyron?

  2. As frustrating as some may find silence, the imperfections in the criminal justice system make this a sacred right, and it should never be arbitrarily waived. There's an implied threat in the warning that what you say "can and will" be used "AGAINST" you, one that must be taken seriously. TMH demonstrates a good example of how to protect one's rights under this system; an example that even the hero pressure group would be wise to the event their tactics devolve into something which lands them on that side of the law.

  3. It's not the "justice system" that is implicit in demonstrations for Terri Horman to be forthcoming in her responses to the disappearance of her son. The right of free speech is at play here when people say what they think about Terri's non actions, or possible actions. If this site supports Israel (I do too) then it should be remembered that many Nazi criminals were hunted down by justice seekers like Simon Weisenthal. The criminals were/are not yet charged. it was only because of the vigilance of private citizens that many WWII criminals were even found.

    Nazi's did not petition or demonstrate. Nazi's were THE "justice system" under which those who spoke out - in any way- were dispatched without trial.

    What the "Terri watchers" want is a chance at justice for the poor little boy who has been torn from those who love him. His de facto mother says nothing. What mother does that about her missing son? Something is amiss here. Anyone has a right to fill in the spaces.

    What about Kyron? Should no one demand answers in whatever way they can, under the law - or does the exercise of free speech not apply in his case?

    Yes! Please do continue to support Israel!!

    Parmalee Paula Cover
    Holocaust writer
    Portland, Oregon

  4. The Kyron Horman case - including Terri Horman - is being investigated by law enforcement. Law enforcement / FBI does not need a bunch of nazis stalking and harassing someone (and taking the law into their own hands) they feel is guilty of a crime (a crime that has not even been determined yet) that law enforcement has not even called a person of interest. Even nazi hunters such as Simon Weisenthal obey(ed) the law and when they find a nazi, the do not stalk and harass them but turn them over to the authorities so the nazi can be tried in court. Even nazis have the right to due process under the laws of the country they are found in.

    nazis were NOT the justice system. They were a government that was invading other countries and spreading their hate and killing innocent civilians (such as saddam husein). They may have been in power but that does not mean they were not guilty of war crimes You trying to justify stalking and harassing Terri Horman while an active police investigation is being conducted by making reference to those who search for nazis is downright insane. The Terri Horman stalkers / harassers ae interfering with an active police investigation - something nazi hunters do not do.

    Terri Horman cooperated with law enforcement up to and including the day of the failed murder for hire sting. Just because she did not speak to the public and all the fact haters does not mean she was not helping or cooperating. Even Kaine Horman the day before the failed murder for hire sting said she was cooperating and wanted to find Kyron. She was the one who organized the first Kyron Missing fliers. Before the failed murder for hire sting, law enforcement said she was cooperating with the investigation. But you and the rest of the sock puppets seem to forget this in your selective memory. If she had spoken up, you would not have believed anything she said anyway so she is being smart and not saying anything that will be twisted and used against her by Kaine and Desiree's sock puppets.


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