Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is True Nelson part of the FBI use of Social Media in the Kyron Horman case?

Most people do not remember that 1-2 days after Kyron Horman disappeared the FBI, who was still leading the case,  stated that Kyron Horman's case would be the first case they used social media in the investigation.  This was 1-2 weeks before I became interested in the case and I did not pay much attention to the statement except to ask myself 'why this case and why did they make this statement especially so early in the case and while it was still thought Kyron may have wandered away'.  I was especially wondering since the year before there was a little girl in McCleary, WA (Lindsey Baum) that disappeared, the FBI was lead investigators, and social media was not part of that investigation (she's still missing and the FBI are still on the case)

So far, if the FBI is using social media in the Kyron Horman case as they stated they were, it is being done stealthily and is not being done to find Kyron.  This is why back in august I posted wondering if Kyron Horman's disappearance is another balloon boy episode, a real life reality show, or a psychological / social manipulation test on people.

It is interesting that True Nelson, who claims to be former FBI, started his blog apparently a couple of days before Kyron's disappearance.  Dates and times on blog posts can be manipulated - or if someone knew in advance that there was going to be a parental kidnapping or a psychological test, they could start the blog and set it up a couple days earlier so it does not appear that it is in response to an event.  Some of what True Nelson has posted seems to be to manipulate people and to illicit a response.  Posting that Kyron is likely an international kidnapping victim and leading people on about a certain computer in Guatemala is reading his blog 5-6 times a day and then also stating Terri Horman should be charged with capital murder in Kyron;s death (with no body, no proof a crime was committed and no evidence?) This is some sort of psychological manipulation.  Either True Nelson is doing it on his own to see how most people are gullible and can easily be led / manipulated , or he is part of an FBI plan to use social media in the Kyron Horman case as a psychological test of some sort, or he's a friend of Kaine's who is trying to manipulate people into believing Terri is guilty of doing something (with no evidence) to Kyron (just like SoCal-Idiot was doing)

According to true Nelson, Terri is guilty because "she has plead the fifth" while Terri never plead the fifth to anything --- her attorneys merely stated in FAMILY court that the proceedings in family court would violate her rights and was only being done to force her to speak on the record when the law protects people from self incrimination.  Her attorneys are defending it on principle.  If law enforcement can get away with it once, you can be sure they will use the same tactics on anyone they want information from and this will become the nazi state and destroy the constitution of the united states - something Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman Young's sock puppets would love to see happen to this once great country.  Terri Horman's attorneys are not just defending Terri Horman, they are defending everyone from the same illegal tactics by law enforcement.  What the constitution haters fail to comprehend is that Terri Horman cooperated for the month before the failed murder for hire sting and if law enforcement wants to ask her any more questions, they still can do so --- only now through her attorney - and she will answer through her attorney.  In other words, they must now play fair because they lost their chance to manipulate and pull their crap on Terri because of their idiotic failed murder for hire sting.

What I want to know is if the FBI is using social media in the Kyron Horman case like they said they were going to then what capacity is it being used?  Since nothing is being stated on social media that they are FBI then it must be a covert operation.?  if so, is True Nelson a part of it?  Or did they mean they would send people to forums to harass and try and manipulate others? (several candidates could be named)    I want to know what was meant and what they have been doing since they are definitely not using social media out in the open.   Nothing about this case seems real.

Also a statement about the Kaine Horman's newest fund raiser "for the searches"  Where is the money going since nobody is searching? and why are people still buying Kaine's garbage to "keep Kyron's name out there" when Kyron's parents refuse to even go out and search for him?  (even the first 1-2 days of searching before law enforcement thought it was a criminal case)   The same law enforcement allowed Yashanee Vaughn's family to go out and search for her and yet Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman - Young claimed they were not allowed to look for Kyron because "they might contaminate the evidence" (even the early searches before they realized he had not wandered off why would they be so concerned by "evidence" they had no clue would even exist at that point since they still thought it was a lost kid and not a crime????????)  and they claimed they did not search because they "were afraid of getting lost"???  and why did Kaine Horman contact his employer's attorneys and tell his coworkers to not talk to the media 48 hours after Kyron went missing and while they still thought Kyron was lost in the woods?

NOTHING in this case makes ANY sense at all.  is it a lost or stranger kidnapped kid that the investigation went horribly wrong because of hatred and law enforcement incompetence? a parental kidnapping by Kaine Horman or Desiree Young?, a balloon boy episode?, a real life reality show?, or a psychological test?  Whatever it is, I want to know what the FBI meant about using social media and what capacity they are using it for this case especially since it is not out in the open.

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