Thursday, July 7, 2011

Has Terri Horman regained visitation rights with her daughter Kiara?

Most people posting on the internet about the Kyron Horman case are under the impression that family court is the same as criminal court.  The other day I posted an article showing the difference.  Today I'm going to expand on it and apply it to the Kyron Horman case - specifically to  Kaine and Terri Horman's divorce and custody.

Family court is not on the public record and the divorce case,  especially where custody of minor children is concerned is kept private.  Many times judges also grant gag orders on the divorcing parents where minor children are concerned.  This has bothered many attorneys because of first amendment issues - but it routinely happens.

Because the family court matters are kept private and there is possibly gag orders that have been issued, this is speculation:

A couple of months ago when a hearing was held (it was mentioned in the media it happened but no details made public) there was likely a gag order placed on Kaine Horman to stop him from badmouthing Kiara's mother Terri Horman in order to protect Kiara.

It is just as likely that Terri Horman was granted visitation rights to see Kiara or maybe even granted custody.  because of any gag order and because Kaine Horman would be embarrassed at having lied and slandered Terri, he never would say anything more about it if she had been granted either visitation or custody.

It is interesting Kaine Horman stopped slandering Terri after the hearing and that all of a sudden the "law enforcement" leaks to the media stopped at the same time.  Anyway they were leaks the media said were credible sources and all of Kaine Horman and Desiree Young's sock puppets assume they were from law enforcement either directly or through Kaine and Desiree.  After all of both Kaine and Desiree's contradictions and lies, it's a wonder anyone gives any credence to what the media has posted about their claims that law enforcement has given them any information on Kyron's disappearance.

This entire case is full of contradictions and lies - and has now even spread to former FBI agents:

So. True Nelson, which is it (it cannot be both)?

1.  Was Kyron kidnapped (as you claim by Terri Horman and her vast network of friends) and sent off to Guatemala or some other south american country
2.  Terri Horman and her vast network of friends killed Kyron Horman and she should be arrested and tried for capital murder (as you claim)

Seems True Nelson (is he really ex-FBI agent or is it one of SoCal-Idiot's other personas?) has come to the very same conclusion SoCal-Idiot has:  Terri Horman is guilty of something (but doesn't know what) and she should be executed for it ----- in spite of no evidence directly by law enforcement that she had anything to do with any crime.  This totally amazes me - and gives more credibility to my theory that Kyron's disappearance
is either a balloon boy stunt, a real life reality show, or a psychological test of the affects of social media and her behavior. (look up those previous posts if you want to read about it several months ago0

I'm still believing Kaine Horman is behind Kyron's disappearance and it's nothing more than a parental kidnapping to prevent the other parent from getting custody (and to hide the fact Kaine was molesting Kyron)  It's whether he is hiding Kyron until he is 18 years old or killed him in a narcissistic steroid fueled rage that I'm not sure of.


  1. I meander thru neutral territory when discussing this case but a lot of your theories echo what I have been feeling all along...and I have been trashed and sleuthed as a result of it.
    funny how everyone wants to ride the same train. it's preposterous the way folks slither around in their majority rule defense and hide behind the numbers of faithful followers.
    every picture I saw of terri before she got an attorney was of a woman scared to death of what was occurring around her...most say thats cuz she's guilty and scared - I don't see it.
    every picture I've seen of terri since she got her attorney is of a woman who is getting down to business and biding time...most say thats because she's a narcissistic sociopath and she thinks she is better than everyone else and feels like she won't get caught - I don't see that either.
    my favorite videos of kaine are the early ones where he is imbellishing all his stories about him and kyron and he is doing that shaky head bobble head thing. looks like a nervous twitch that he's not even aware of but most likely a physical indicator to him a hand over a mouth when speaking or casey anthony always looking up and to the right when she's making up a story. she's another one who wears her lies on her face.

  2. Interesting theory. And you are right, the dynamics of family court are very different from those of criminal court. I have often wondered why Terri does NOT have custodial time with Kiara, as well. I would not expect a judge to give Terri primary custody until she gets her own place to live, but lets face it, there are people in prison for murder who do not have restraining orders keeping them away from their children and who have not lost parental rights. The only people I know who have been jerked around this badly in family court are uneducated people who do not retain competent council, but Terri has competent council, so I am left wondering exactly what Terri is doing, currently, that is convincing one of our courts to take actions against her that should cause the whole community to be enraged. I went through a divorce, and I encountered my share of inconsistancies and problems with the "justice" in family court, but neither me or my ex were treated the way Terri Horman has been treated. If either of us were, we would have complained to the Supreme Court of our state, no matter how perfect or imperfect we had been as parents. Why hasn't Terri taken that step?

  3. Maybe Terri has taken steps we do not know about. Family court is private and often times judges issue gag orders (and with the records sealed, the media would not know) or maybe Terri does have visitation / custody and we do not know about it. Or maybe she is part of a shadow investigation of someone else and she is fully cooperating. Or maybe all of the above?


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