Sunday, July 3, 2011

Is True Nelson actively working for the FBI on the Kyron Horman case or is he trying to inject himself into the Kyron Horman investigation?

Most people do not remember the FBI stating in early june 2010 (within a few days of Kyron Horman vanishing from Skyline School in Portland, Oregon) that this would be the first case they would use social media in the investigation.  This struck me as a strange comment to make and is why I remembered it so clearly.  It is one reason why I think Kyron Horman's vanishing may have been nothing more than a social experiment.  I've posted about this several times.

Professed former FBI agent and now private investigator and part time blogger True Nelson has been posting about the Kyron Horman case for several months.  At first his posts were pretty much fact based and neutral.  Slowly his blog posts have become "Terri [Horman] did it" and "she should be arrested for capital murder"  --- A former FBI agent saying someone should be arrested on capital murder when there is no body and no evidence that Kyron Horman is dead???  I can understand the deluded sock puppets of Kaine Horman or Desiree Young saying such lunatic things but a former FBI agent who should know something about the law???  True Nelson has implied several times that this case is "international in scope" and claims there may be a South American connection" and Kyron may be in another country (at the same time stating Terri Horman should be arrested for capital murder)   This case gets crazier by the day.

Today True Nelson posted an "open letter" to some person allegedly in Guatemala that allegedly visits his blog 3-5 times a day whenever True Nelson blogs about Kyron Horman.  True Nelson implies he can tell through Google Analytics that this very person on the same computer is visiting and is implying (through psychological manipulation) that this person may have something to do with Kyron Horman's disappearance.
Blogs have the inherent capability, through Google Analytics, to monitor the geographical location of ‘readers’ connecting to a given blog – not specifically, but generally identifying the country and, in some instances, the city of origin. Additionally, the Analytics capability differentiates new readers from previous readers. During the period of June 2nd through July 2nd, 2011 (30 days), I received 146 hits from a single computer in Guatemala. Nonetheless, please understand, you do remain anonymous whether or not you actually send a comment.
 For one thing, Google Analytic does not work this way.  You may be able to tell the country that someone visits from but not the same computer.  You cannot even tell if the visitor is using a common proxy server that is used by many others.  Also if the person clears their computer cookies, you will get unique visitor hits when they are not unique visitors.  The only way True Nelson would be able to tell if a unique computer is visiting is if he is part of the investigation and has other ways to track users.  Also, he has not posted anything except what is publicly known on his blog do why would anyone who had Kyron Horman think he has anything more to offer than opinions?

Either True Nelson is part of the FBI psychological manipulation / testing of social media being used in criminal investigations or he is having his own little fun injecting himself into the case and seeing how he can manipulate people into thinking what he wants them to think.

Funny how an alleged former FBI agent can say someone [Terri Horman] has been lying all along even though she has never said anything and even though law enforcement had said she was cooperating up until the day of the failed sting attempt (after which she hired a defense attorney after she realized she was going to be framed by Desiree and Tony Young) and yet believes all of the lies and inconsistencies of both Kaine Horman and Desiree Young.

I suppose I should start using a Guatemala proxy server and visit True Nelson's blog 10 times a day (and the Kaine Horman foundation web site while I'm at it) to give True and company something else to blog about.

FYI:  My Google Analytics shows a lot of countries and some of those countries have hundreds of hits a day - including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, North Korea, China, Germany

I don't know what True Nelson is trying to pull and whether it is on his own or through law enforcement or what the motives are for it but it's just another bizarre twist to this very bizarre case.


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  1. Great article. I really appreciate your insights into this case. I was unaware of the FBI's comment. If you have time to track it down, I would like to read their statement. I have seriously considered whether you might be right about this whole case being a hoax to test the herd mentality. I'm pretty sure that Houze and/or the DA's office would know if it was just an experiment, and they would all face disbarment for using the court's time and resources for such a hoax. I am certain that Oregon's supreme court would reject any request to use the courts to conduct such a vile experiment. Also, it is doubtful that any rational official would risk the public outrage that would ensue if such a hoax was discovered. The outrage would be phenomenal. Just think of the overtime hours of the sheriff's dept. and the wasted efforts of the grand jury, courts, SAR volunteers, fundraisers, etc. Think of how many people were unnecessarily subjected to interviews. Think of the wasted resources that could have been used to find truly missing children, the people who were victimized by fraudulent fundraising.


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