Monday, July 25, 2011

Common sense is not that common - the truth haters prove it !

One thing about the Kyron Horman case is that it proves some people are so gullible and so full of hate they will believe anything they want to believe even if it is contradictory to their other beliefs.
The truth haters believe every word that comes out of Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman-Young's mouths and believe every word they say is straight from law enforcement.  They believe Kaine and Desiree were given proof Terri Horman is guilty of a horrific crime of murdering Kyron Horman while in the next breath believe Kyron is still alive and living in a foreign country (due to Terri's alleged "crimes")

Those who believe that Kaine and Desiree are fed every fact gleaned by law enforcement then turn right around and accuse those who do not think Terri Horman could be guilty (given the time frame and real facts) of being Terri or her family posting in her defense on line.  Any thinker can see their illogical thought patterns.

For one thing, common sense shows that anyone who is defending Terri Horman online has been looked at by law enforcement (thanks to the bogus "tips" from the truth haters)   Since the truth haters believe Kaine and Desiree are being fed every detail in the case, then the fact that Terri and/or family are posting in her defense would have been "leaked" to Kaine and Desiree and it would have made its way to the bottom feeder media by now (especially Oregonlive and the rest of the Oregon tabloids) if there was any truth to it.  So either the truth haters must believe that Kaine and Desiree are being given every detail of the case or they must believe those defending Terri Horman are not in any way related to her.  Belief that Kaine and Desiree are being given every detail of the investigation and belief that Terri and/or her family are defending her online are mutually exclusive --- It cannot be both.

So if I am either Terri or one of her family members as I have been repeatedly accused (in comments that were not posted due to profanity)  then law enforcement has not given that detail to either Kaine or Desiree - so if law enforcement has not given that detail to them, what other details have they refused to give to Kaine and Desiree and why would they hide something like that from them given all the other alleged information law enforcement showed them?   And if I am Terri then why has Houze not quit being my attorney as he said he would if I spoke up?   

So either law enforcement is not giving Kaine and Desiree any information and what they said is made up lies or I'm not Terri and am not related to her in any way, shape, or form.  Your choice of what you want to believe.  It's obvious that facts are meaningless to truth haters.

Anyone who has read anything written by the truth haters can see how vile and hate filled they are - typical of the antichrist society that the united states has become.

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