Thursday, January 26, 2012

Alaska Airline passengers reject God's protection for their flights

People are rejecting God and His protection.  Instead of rejoicing that a once Christian company such as Alaska Airlines passes out tracts with Psalms on them with their meals and enjoys a superior safety record, passengers of Alaska Airlines prefer to reject God and His protection of their flights.  If they do not want to "mix God with transportation" then they will have absolutely no right to blame God if something happens to them or one of their loved ones if God removes His protection from their transportation.

This country has enjoyed superior protection and wealth from God.  Now this country is rejecting God and they blame Him for what goes wrong.  Schools used to be a safe place and now that this nation has stopped allowing prayers, school violence and teen drug use and pregnancies has escalated.  Now Alaska Airlines - which had a superior safety record in spite of flying into many risky airports has rejected God - I fear that God will lift His hand of protection and people will reap what they sow.  This country is doomed and the more it rejects God, the bigger the judgment will be.

God will not be mocked.  He is storing up His wrath for the time of the tribulation that is about to begin.  Time is extremely short and if you have not yet given your life completely to God and accepted his Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) to atone for your sins (accept he died for your sins), you are about to go through at least part of the worst seven years in human history.  You will either 1. die during the upcoming nuclear war or 2. (a) you will either select to follow the world leader (antichrist) and take his mark (666) only to be tormented before being cast into hell for eternity or (b) refuse the mark and be martyred by beheading.

Time is extremely short.  Was may begin the next few hours or days - it looks extremely likely - and God is waiting for you to make the decision to either follow Him or reject Him.  The choice is yours.  If you refuse to accept him, you reject Him by default.

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