Saturday, January 21, 2012

That was a test, only a test - for those of you shaken up, you have a second chance

I apologize if anyone was freaked out thinking the rapture happened and they were left behind.  Fortunately for you, you have a second chance to make sure about your walk with God.

The Seattle area had snow --- 6" at my place - followed by freezing rain and ice --- four inches at my place --- this brought down trees and power lines.  Where I am at, whenever the power goes out, it is out usually less than two hours.  It was out for over 35 hours.  Because the roads were horrible and the immediate area including all of the wireless hot spots was without electricity and because I do not own a cell phone with internet capability, and lastly because Dr. and Mrs. Pickle are in the Outback with no internet access, there was no way to stop the after rapture message from posting.

You have a second chance to get right with God and accept Yeshua as Messiah and follow God before the rapture really happens.  For all of the fence sitters that was shaken up thinking you were left behind (the left behind letter was very unintentional to be posted on my part)  you have a second chance.  The rapture will happen and it will happen very very soon and the next time will not be a false alarm (it is set to post four days out instead of eight hours as was the previous plan)  The after rapture posts about Kyron Horman are set to post 10 days out (and will move to 14 just to be sure)

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