Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kyron Horman / Horman family biography to be released

One of Kaine Horman's close friends or family members (I won't identify them on request) is writing a tell all book on Kaine Horman and his family.  It will include information that suggests that Kaine may have been behind Kyron Horman's disappearance.  Projected release date for the book will be on june 4, 2012 (second anniversary of Kyron's vanishing)    Like the sheriff said: there are things (in the book) that you wish you had not known about.  I have absolutely nothing to do with the book and the information was discovered by one of Dr. Pickles wife's associates.

So far nothing in the news although I still believe this is no longer a criminal case and has become a family case and that the whereabouts of Kyron Horman is known by the authorities.  If you think law enforcement would announce Kyron had been found if the parents requested they not release the information (especially since detective Tony Young is "family") then you have not paid close attention to how law enforcement (and their media puppets) operates.

Once the Pickles return from Australia, they should be able to obtain some more information from their contacts.

Anyone hear about any new fundraisers?  After all, Kyron's "favorite holiday" (this time valentines) is coming up and Kaine needs new golf clubs or some new toy.


  1. Kaine has Kyron stashed someplace. He will ride out the divorce and the abatement phase, and cause TH to get nothing. No alimony. No child custody or even visitation. When he has it all -- "his" kids and all "his" money and property -- suddenly Kyron will be "found." Kaine hates women so much he doesn't even think their own flesh and blood children need them. Children in Kaine's view "belong" to fathers only. Women are for housework and reproduction and have no other meaningful purpose. Men "own" their children. Kaine is a liar and a con man and I pray for those who have bought his act. I would not be surprised if he was seeing Kyron during his "awareness" trips.

  2. If this were the case he's been lying to his ex wife and ill tell you something is a miss here. This is a terrible thing to do. If he is doing this and ends up getting caught he will pay a big price for this and if the exwife didn't know and this is how he really feels. He is one sick man. I have a grandchild one month older than kyron. If the truth is out there and it comes out this way. S.... Will hit the fan with Desiree. But how long must the public wait. And has anyone followed Kaine or his ex?


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