Thursday, March 24, 2011

The never ending inconsistencies in the Kyron Horman Reality Show

I had not intended on commenting about Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman Young attention grabbing and fraudulent fundraisers although this needs to be said.
Lt. Jose Martinez,  a spokesman for the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, said there are no immediate plans to resume searching for the boy. 
Back in january we were told that there was "new information" and "evidence" that led to the searches of NW Portland using cadaver dogs. Nothing was found. Now the sheriff department is stating there is no immediate plan to search again.  What happened to the "proof" / "evidence" and "new intelligence" that led to the january searches???  You would think if they had new information / evidence as they claimed, they would be out searching every possible minute instead of only searching when they need money or media attention. (and they would be searching during the week and not just on weekends)

Kaine Horman is raising money for his pockets (the "Kaine Horman Foundation") while Desiree Horman Young is claiming to be raising money for the Multnomah County searches yet we have been repeatedly told the searches are by unpaid volunteers and none of the money raised for the searches has actually been used for searches.
Kaine Horman, shook many hands at a booth at the Portland Roadster Show, where he helped raise money for the Kyron Horman Foundation.

Desiree Young, is staging a roller derby in Medford to drum up more money for the Multnomah County search fund. 
 Are they trying to get as much sympathy and money from their sock puppets they possibly can get? There are so many inconsistencies whenever there is any media coverage of Kyron Horman.  And Desiree Horman Young certainly is using psychological manipulation to raise money when she claims "_________ is Kyron';s favorite holiday" (insert: halloween, thanksgiving, x-mass, new years, valentines day, etc.)  Now "Kyron liked roller derby"so all the feeler sock puppets will get all gushy and teary eyed and support roller derby because, as everyone now knows, "Kyron loved it so much"

Who is overseeing the "fund raising" of the the Multnomah County Sheriff's department and the Kyron Horman foundation and making sure the money raised for searches is actually going to be used for searching for Kyron and not lining the pockets of his greedy and narcissistic birth parents?

Why are Kyron's birth parents always raising money and are not out actually searching for their son they claim is missing?  They spend all of their time raising money for searches and yet refuse to go out and search for their son.  All other parents of missing children and out searching for their child if they physically can - but not Kaine Horman OR Desiree Horman Young.

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