Saturday, March 19, 2011

Meanwhile in the Middle East . . .

While people are being distracted by the earthquake / tsunami in Japan (a horrible event and the people there need our prayers and support), the Middle East is about to erupt into flames (literally)  America will be weakened by this especially as they participate in begging buddhist idol demons for aid and comfort instead of asking God - the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel (Jacob) for His mercy and His aid in helping those affected by the earthquake / tsunami and averting a nuclear disaster.

At this very moment, international forces which include the French and British Air Forces and American naval ships  have launched military strikes against Libya.  Also, Iranian navy has sent ships carrying arms (nuclear?) through the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean Sea and those arms were delivered to Syria which promptly tried to send them to Gaza by ship.  These ships were seized by the Israeli navy (the weapons manuals were in Farsi) 

While we are about to go to yet another Middle East war, or at least send forces to Libya, president obama is picking teams for the NCAA tournament and flying off to Brazil for trade talks.  He is also discussing the United State's participation in the upcoming one world currency (which he is supporting)  He is a weak and ineffective leader that is weakening America in the eyes of the world.  He reminds me of another weak and ineffective leader that almost destroyed this country:  Jimmy Carter.  Unless the United States repents and asks God, the One True God, for forgiveness and His mercy, the United States will suffer a worse disaster than what happened in Japan.

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