Friday, April 1, 2011

Repeat of January - I told you so
Kaine and Terri Horman's divorce hearing was postponed in spite of all the efforts of law enforcement searching "with new information" and in spite of the nazi terrorist bullying campaign by Desiree Horman Young and her mentally unstable sock puppets trying to place pressure on Terri Horman before the divorce hearing that was scheduled for this past week.

As I stated on january 3, 2011, the divorce hearing would be continually postponed until Kyron is found - and Kaine would not reappear Kyron until after his divorce was final.  I stated in january this was a stalemate:

January 3, 2011
(yawn) Kaine and Terri Horman's divorce hearing postponed. Watch for "Breaking News" Sauvie Island searches towards the end of the month 
I'm guessing Kaine Horman will not reappear Kyron until after the divorce but the judge will hold the divorce off until Kyron is found or Terri Horman is totally cleared.  Sounds like stalemate                    (Added: and Kyron is a pawn in all this)

The searches are getting predictable:  They will take place if they need more money or if they want to draw attention for the divorce hearing.  None seem to be legitimate searches and all are designed to manipulate (they do not search any other time even when the weather is good)

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